Romeo and Juliet final

In what town was Shakespeare born? Stratford upon Avon
Who is the ruler during Shakespeare’s time? Queen Elizabeth
Who did Shakespeare marry? Ann Hathaway
What date/year did Shakespeare die? April 23, 1616
What is a groundling? a person who frequented the Globe Theatre in the early 17th century and was too poor to pay to be able to sit on one of the three levels of the theatre. By paying one penny, they could stand in “the pit”, also called “the yard”, just below the stage to watch the play
What penalty did the prince enforce if the Capulet and Montague’s can’t keep the peace? Death penalty
In what city and country is Romeo and Juliet set? Verona, Italy
The play Romeo and Juliet starts as a _____ and ends as a _____ Comedy, tragedy
What does Sampson do to insult the montague servants? Simpson bites his thumb at the servants
What does Benvolio do when it comes upon the servants fighting? Benvolio draws his sword to separate the fighting and keep the peace
Why does Romeo lock himself in his room? Because he is sad that Rosaline does not love him
What is the issue with the serving man who is sent to invite the guests to the Capulet party? He cannot read
Who is the man of wax? What does this phrase mean? Paris is a man of wax which means a perfect model of a man
How old is Juliet? 13 years old, almost 14
What power does queen Mab possess? Quinn map possesses the power to control peoples dreams
How does Tybalt discover Romeo at the party? by Romeo’s voice
Romeo and Juliet’s conversation at the party and the subsequent kiss form a _____
The word fray and act one means ____ Battle/flight
If I call you saying “soft”, It means I want to _____ Wait
______ is a literally term which means a play on words Pun
In Act I, Shakespeare refers to Aurora. What literary device is he using? allusion
In Act I, scene one Shakespeare refers to Aurora, the goddess of _____ Dawn
What does Romeo fear when he says, “for my mind misgives / some consequence yet hanging in the stars” Romeo is saying that he is scared that they won’t be too late, but too early as in they shouldn’t go at all. He believes this because he has a gut feeling (his mind misgiving him) that due to going to this party, something bad is going to happen (the consequence).
What does “night revels” mean? Party at the capulets
Who does Romeo refers to hear when he mentions he? to himself as and the person who will have an untimely death
What literary devices at work Romeo says, “he that hath the steerage of my course/direct my sail” Personification
Who says “is now the two hours traffic of our stage”? Chorus
Who says “if you ever disturb the peace again, your life shall pay the forfeit of the peace” Prince Escalus
Who says “what, draw, and talk of peace? I hate the word as I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee”? Tybalt
Who says “well, Susan is with God; she was too good for me”? Nurse
Who says ” by giving liberty unto thine eyes: examine other beauties”? Benevolio
What does Romeos man bring to the nurse? A rope ladder
How will Juliet find out when and where she and Romeo are to be married? Through the nurse because Juliet sought hard to find Romeo so he could tell the nurse when and where
What day of the week does the wedding occur? Monday
Where will Romeo and Juliet be married? Friar Lawrence’s cell
When one character delivers a speech to the audience as if he/she were thinking aloud, it is called and ______ Soliloquy
“nights cloak to hide from their eyes” what literary device? Metaphor
Why does Friar Lawrence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? He hopes that their marriage will hold the hate between the two households
What warning does the nurse give to Romeo? To not play double with Juliet, in other words to not use her
What does scurvy nave mean? Rotten chap
What does flirt gills mean? Loose women
What does ropery mean? Jokes
On several occasion, Shakespeare has Romeo referred to Julia as a _____ Sun
Romeo says: “he Jets at skies and never felt the wound,” what is he saying? He is saying that it’s hard to have scars that feeling the pain/wound
“good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say good night till it be morrow.” what literary term? Oxymoron
“arise, Fairsun, and kill the envious moon, who is already sick and pale with grief that thou her made art far more fair than she.” what literary term? Personification
The motto of the Globe Theatre was ” the _____ _____ is a playhouse” Whole world
A black flag indicated a ______, A white flag indicated a _______ Tragedy, comedy
The globe was built in a similar style to the ______, on a smaller scale Coliseum
The Globe Theatre was demolished by the ______? Puritans
Outbreaks of the ____ ____ we’re so serious that the Globe Theatre was forced to close during three separate years. (Bubonic) plaque
The groundlings stood in the area known as the ___? Pit
The tiring house was used as a place for actors to ____? Change costumes
What are the two most popular types of sonnets? 1) english2)Petrarchan
Italian sonnet is divided into two parts ____ and _____ Octave and seseut
The change of a direction, thought, emotion in the sonnet is called _____ volta
For women, the number one job was ______? marriage
In 16th century England, sons and daughters were expected to honor their parents by ______ them obeying
Queen Elizabeth(aka Elizabeth the ___) never _____ because she thought it was her advantage as a ruler to remain single 1st, narried
name all characters in Shakespeare sonnets The fair youth- loves poemsDark lady- appears sometimesRival poet
The Italian (or Petrarchan) sonnets contain what features? An octave (aabbaabba) … then a Volta(—–)… then sextet (cdecde)
The English (or Shakespearean) sonnets contain what features? 3 quatrains(abab cdcd efef)… Volta (—–)…… couplet (gg)
escales prince of verona
mercutio Princes kinsman, Romeos friend
County Paris Another kinsman, suitor to Juliet
Montague Head of a noble family in Verona which has been at enmity with the Capulet for a long time
Lady Monatgue Lord Montague wife
Romeo Lord Montague son
Benevolio Lord Montagues nephew, Romeos friend
abram, balthasar Servants of Montague
Capulet Head of a noble family in Verona which is hostile to the montagues
Lady Capulet Lord Capulet wife
Juleit Lord Capulet daughter
Tybalt Lady Capulet nephew
Nurse To Juliet
Peter, Sampson, and Gregory Servants of Capulet
To which city does Romeo go after being exiled from Verona? Mantua
Who performs Romeo and Juliet Marriage? Friar Lawrence
Who is the fairy that Mercutio says vistas Romeo in his dreams? Queen Mab
What does the Nurse advise Juliet to do after Romeo is Exiled? Act as if Romeo is dead and marry Paris
Who kills Mercutio? Tybalt
What character first persuades Romeo to attend the feast? Benevolio
What, at first, and Juliet claim that Romeo here’s the morning after their wedding night?
To what does Romeo first compare Juliet during the balcony scene?
Who discovers Juliet after she takes frair Lawrences potion? Nurse
Who proposes that a gold statue of Juliet be built in Verona? Montague
Too rich powerful figure is Paris related? The prince
How in where does Romeo commit suicide? With poison and Juliet’s tomb
Who is the last person to see Juliet before she steps herself dead? Friar Lawrences
Why is friar John unable to deliver Ryan Lawrences message to Romeo in Mantua? He is held inside a quarantine house, and is unable to leave
Why does the apothecary agreed to sell Romeo poison? He is poor and needs the money
On what day do Romeo and Juliet meet? Sunday
With whom is Romeo madly in love for the first two scenes for the play? Rosaline
In what decade was Romeo and Juliet written? 1590’s
Whom does mercurial curse as he lies dying after a duel? The Capulet and Montague’s
In what area is Friar Lawrence an expert? Plants and herbs
What term just the chorus used to describe the lovers? Star crossed
Why does Tybalt first challenge Romeo to a duel? He is offended that Romeo shows up at a Capulet ball
What is an allusion? Is a moment when an author makes a reference to another work of literature. The reference can include a person, place, event, or another passage found another piece of literature
Example of allusion “draw the shady curtains from Auroras bed”
Example of allusion “Alas that love, whose you is muffled still,/showed without eyes see pathways to his will!”
Definition of woe Winning her heart
Definition of solemnity Ceremony
Definition of anon I’m coming
Definition of ho Quickly
What is Romeo’s proposal to Juliet? “Th’exchange of thy loves faithful vow for mine”
Definition of shrift Confession
Definition of ropery Bad behavior
Definition of consortest Keep company
Definition of consort A company of hired musicians
Definition of Beguil’d Cheated
Definition of aside Spoken by the actor that the audience hears but not by other characters
Foil character Benvolio it’s a foil character to Mercutio and Tybalt
Definition of apostrophe Addressed to someone who is absent/cannot hear which allows care turd to speak out loud
Definition of understatement The set of hyperbole
Definition of obsequies Funeral observations
Example of pun “ask for me tomorrow,/and you shall find me a grave man.”
Which character in Romeo and Juliet you think is most responsible for the tragedy? Why? In Romeo and Juliet, I believe the feud between the two families in most responsible for the tragedy. If there was no feud between the houses Romeo and Juliet could’ve openly told and their families about their love and marriage for each other. Also, Romeo wouldn’t have been banished for wouldn’t of killed Tybalt.
Think of adjective that describes the essence of my Keisha’s personality and give her reason for your choice. Adjectives that describe Mercutio personality are funny and happy. In Romeo and Juliet Mercutios is often used to lighten up the mood and crack jokes.
Which character do you think is most innocent victim? Why? The most innocent victim would be up in folio because he suffered and witness my kiss your stuff, watched Romeo be banished, and watch does Romeo slowly got lost in his love troubles. and all these examples, when Volio was there from that suffered from all of this but did nothing wrong.
Name one person who feels Romeo and Juliet and explain how. One person that feels Julia is nurse. Nurse who is Juliet’s confident that she trusted completely, but nurse her Juliet when she told Juliet to forget about Romeo and marry Paris.
Give an example of a plan that backfires and tell how adds to the tragedy. I plan that backfires and adds to the tragedy is the plan to tell Romeo about Friar Lawrences and juliets plan to get out of the marriage with Paris.
How does the apothecary contrast from Frair? The apothecary a minister’s medicine/healing where friar Lawrence is a man of faith (like a monk”
In your opinion, is Capulet a good father? Why or why not? Capulet is both a good and a bad father. A bad father because he may Juliet get engaged to Paris even though she didn’t want to and said he would kick her out of the house if she didn’t. But a good father because he just wanted the best for his daughter and he was sad when she died.
Do you think the print should be held accountable for any of the deaths? Explain your answer. I don’t think the print should be held accountable for the death of anyone for it was never his fault it was always somebody else’s.
What would Juliet rather do than marry Paris? Leap from a tower, be chained with bears, hide in charnel-house, crawl in with a dead man and be barrier with his shroud
What is the lie Juliet tells her father regarding what she was doing with the Friar Lawrence? She told her father that she was at confession for disobeying her father
What were three of Juliet’s worries about taking the poison? The poison could kill her, she could suffocate in the tomb, she could go mad with all the dead people
Why does Shakespeare include scene 4 in act 4 about the wedding preparations? The forwards Shakespeare has utilized have been holding out on finally seeing the reality of Juliet’s world collide with the ignorance of her family. The audience must wait yet again to see this collision occur.
How does friar Lawrence comfort Juliets family’s over her death? He tells them to be happy for her being in a better place. And that heaven is giving her more than she ever could of
What is the news that Balthasar brings to romeo? How does he react? That Juliet is dead, he buys a poison and plans on killing himself
How does Romeo persuade the apothecary to sell him the poison? Basically what Romeo does is he tells the apothecary “you are so poor, you really need to sell this stuff to me so you will not starve.”
Why is Paris in the graveyard/tomb? He was paying his respects to Juliets when romeo comes and kills him and puts him in the tomb also
What reason does Romeo give Balthasar for going into the tomb? to take the ring off, and to see her one more time
Why does Paris think the Romeo has come to the tomb? to do something bad to the body
What is the threat Romeo tells Balthasar? To not disturb him or he would cut off his arms
What is the real reason Romeo goes into the tomb? To kill himself next to Juliet
What is it about Juliet that should’ve told Romeo that she wasn’t dead? she wasn’t pale and her lips had color
When Montegue first arrives to the tomb, what does he tell those gathered? Lady Montague dies bc Romeo was exiled
Who says ” o woe o woeful woeful woeful day! nurse
Who says “This is that banished haughty Montague that murdered my love’s cousin…” Paris
Who says “I will kiss they lips; haply some poison yet doth hang on them…” Juliet
Who says “thou art not conquered. Beauty’s ensign yet in Crimson in they lips and in they cheeks…” Romeo
Who says “and if aught and this miscarried by my fault, that my old life be sacrifice…” Friar Lawrence
Who says” Tomorrow night, look that thou lie alone; let not the nurse lie with thee in they chamber. Take thou this vial…” Friar Lawrence
Who says “do not deny to father Lawrence that you lover me” Paris
Who says, “Tia an ill cook that cannot lick his own fingers.” Second servingman
Who says “my poverty but not my will consents.” Apothecary
Who says “if you ever disturb the peace again, your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace.” Prince
Who says “you are a saucy boy… A princox.” Lord Capulet
Who says “I have a soul of lead so stakes me to the ground I cannot move.” Romeo
Who says “I fear, too early; for my mind miss gives some consequence, yet hanging in the stars.” Romeo
Who says “did my heart love till now? Forswear it sight for I never saw true beauty till this night.” Romeo
Who says “my only love sprung from my own hate!” Juliet
Who says “A crutch… Why call you for a sword?” Lady Capulet
Who says “good Peter, to hide her face; for fans the fairer of the two” Mercutio
Who says “but soft? What light through yonder window breaks?” Romeo
Who says “what the changes here!/is Rosaline that thou didst love so dear,/so soon forsaken.” Wire Lawrence
Who says “fee, how my bones ache” Nurse
Who says “oh, swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon…” Juliet
Who says “parting is such sweet sorrow,/that I shall say good night till it be morrow” Juliet
Who says “I was hurt under your arm” Mercutio
Who says ” I see Thou knowest me not.” Romeo
Who says “oh, I am fortunes fool.” Romeo
Who says”he is the kings men to the Montague,/ affection makes him a false, he speaks not true.”. Lady Capulet
Who says “come gentle night;, Loving, black-browed night” Juliet
Who says “this is dear mercy, and Thou seest it not” Friar Lawrence
Who says “speak’st thou from thy heart?” Juliet
Who says “of these times over for no times of woo.” Paris
Who says “a Thursday let it be- Thursday she shall be married.” Lord Capulet
Who says “wilt thou be gone? It is not yet near day./ it was the nightengale and not the lark” Juliet
Who says “out you green sickness carrion! Out you baggage!” Lord Capulet
Who says “thou can’t speak of what thou does not feel.” Romeo

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