Romeo and Juliet Film Review Act 3

How does Benvolio react to Mercutio and Tybalt’s threatening words? He doesn’t want them to fight in public and sends them to a private place.
Why does Tybalt want to fight Romeo? Because he snuck into the party.
Why does Romeo “have” to love Tybalt? Because he is Juliet’s cousin.
Why is Mercurio so angry with Romeo? Because he will not defend the Montague name and fight Tybalt.
What emotions were heard in Romeo’s voice? Desperation
How does Tybalt taunt and insult Romeo? He called him a dog, coward, villan and a boy.
What curse does Mercutio whisper as he dies? A plague on both of your houses, cursing both families.
How does Romeo’s willingness to chase Tybalt down and kill him show his fatal flaw? He wears his emotions on his sleeve and acts too quickly.
Why does Romeo say, :O, I an fortune’s fool!”? I am the fool of fate, I am a star crossed lover.
What punishment does Romeo receive? Banishment from Verona.
How does Juliet take the news of Romeo’s banishment? She is crying and very upset.
Why is Juliet torn? Her cousin died and her husband murdered him.
What does the Nurse promise Juliet? That she will find him and they will have their wedding night.
How has Romeo, “Killed his own tomorrow?” He has ruined his future with Juliet.
Where does Romeo go to find safety? To the church with Friar Laurence.
How does Romeo react to the news of his banishment? He want to kill himself.
Why does the friar feel Romeo is ungrateful? Because he is alive and the Prince had mercy on him.
What does Romeo think Juliet thinks of him? That he is a murderer.
What does Friar Laurence tell Romeo to do? To go to Juliet and comfort her.
What do Juliet’s parents want her to do after Tybalt’s death? Marry Paris
Who seems to be rushing her marriage to Paris now? Capulet even though he wanted her to take it slowly in Act 1.
When will Juliet marry Paris? On Thursday
Why does morning bring such sorrow? Because Romeo has to leave.

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