ROMEO AND JULIET – fate quotes

destined to die from the beginning a pair of star cross’d lovers take their life
capulet on death we were born to die
mercutio predicts his own death i dreamt a dream tonightby some vile forfeit of untimely death
when Juliet thinks Romeo is married – irony my grave is likely to be my wedding bed
when romeo realises what he has done o i am fortunes foolthis days black fate on more days doth depend
the friar when he letter is not received unhappy fortune
Romeo believes he defies fate i defy you stars
KEY POINTS – 1 – invite to Capulet ball I pray come and crush a cup of wine
2 – Romeo try’s to break up fight hold Tybalt, good Mercutio
3 – prince banishes Romeo we do exile him
4 – the message never reaches Romeo i could not send it
5 – the friar is too slow and doesn’t reach the tomb in turn my old feet stumbl’d
6 – Juliet misses Romeo b a few minutes Thy lips are warm

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