Romeo and Juliet Essay Quotes

Paragraph 1, quote 1 a pair of star cross’d lovers take their life
Paragraph 1, quote 1 setting prologue
Paragraph 1, quote 1 analysis cannot escape the pre-destined deaths
Paragraph 1, quote 2 for stony limits cannot keep love out
Paragraph 1, quote 2 setting Act 2, scene 2, confessing love (Romeo to Juliet)
Paragraph 1, quote 2 analysis willing to die, believe free will, actually fate
Paragraph 2, quote 1 come, death, and welcome, Juliet wills it so
Paragraph 2, quote 1 setting with Juliet, after Romeo is banished (r to j)
Paragraph 2, quote 1 analysis acceptance of fate, welcoming death, furthering fate
Paragraph 2, quote 2 ‘thou detestable maw, thou womb of death’ (stage direction) Romeo begins to open the tomb
Paragraph 2, quote 2 setting in capulet tomb, believing Juliet is dead
Paragraph 2, quote 2 analysis situational irony, talks about death, walks into his death, instance of free will making fate occur
Paragraph 3, quote 1 (stage direction) with swords and bucklers
Paragraph 3, quote 1 setting in first scene
Paragraph 3, quote 1 analysis they are ready to fight, the grudge poisons them to be over-passionate
Paragraph 3, quote 2 Tybalt: Turn thee, Benvolio and look upon they death. Benvolio: I do but keep the peace.
Paragraph 3, quote 2 setting in first scene
Paragraph 3, quote 2 analysis antithesis, caesura reinforces death and peace, omnipotent feud, critiques Tybalts passion which leads to his death
Paragraph 4, quote 1 [their love] is too rash, too unadvised, too sudden too like lightning
Paragraph 4, quote 1 setting R and J confess their love, (j to r)
Paragraph 4, quote 1 analysis juliet asks for moderation, violent imagery of lightning, conveys Rs fatal flaw
Paragraph 4, quote 2 fire-ey’d fury be my conduct now
Paragraph 4, quote 2 setting after Tybalt kills Mercutio
Paragraph 4, quote 2 analysis highlights Rs lack of moderation, emotions rule him, marks beginning of tragedy, is conception of his fatal flaw
Paragraph 5, quote 1 o sweet Juliet thy beauty hath made me effeminate
Paragraph 5, quote 1 setting After R fails to save Mercutio from T
Paragraph 5, quote 1 analysis Rs relationship with J advances his fatal flaw, his love for her is destructive for him, blames J for Ms death
Paragraph 5, quote 2 she doth teach the torches to burn bright
Paragraph 5, quote 2 setting at beginning of play, before they meet
Paragraph 5, quote 2 analysis conveys Rs fickle and artificial love, turn from lust for Rosalin to obsessive love for Juliet

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