Romeo and Juliet English 9

Dramatic elements
Elisabeth England
William Shakespeare
Active reading strategies
Point of view
Third-person limited
Third-person omniscient
Choler Anger. We are anger we will fight.
Partisan A strong supporter or member of a group. Clubs,bills, and a strong supporter!Strike!Beat them down!
Profaners People that are not respectful. People in neighborhood that are not respectful.
Pernicious Having a harmful effect in a gradual or subtle way. Having to satisfy your harmful gradual rage.
Wield hold or use. To hold or use old people of the group in hands as old
Forfeit To lose or be deprived of. you were going to die and lose the peace.
Augmenting To make something greater by adding to it. You were adding your tears to the fresh morning dew.
Chaste Abstaining from extramarital or from all sexual intercourse. She swears that she will still live and not have sexual intercourse.
Marred Impair the appearance of ;disfigure. Something so were disfigured too early.
Fray Of a fabric rope or cord unravel or become worn at the edge typically through constant rubbing. To show the effects of strange. What strain was there?
Languish Of a person or other living thing lose or lack of vitality grow weak or feeble. when persons grief is cured with another person’s loss.
Aside Words spoken to the audience by a character.
Context clues Other words in the sentence or in sentences around it that hint to the meaning of the word.
Dialogue Speech or conversation between two or more characters.
Monologue Also a long speech by one character, but it may be in the presence of other characters. Uninterrupted.
Introspective Inner thoughts and feelings.
Soliloquy A long speech by character alone on stage, using revealing his or her inner thoughts.
Fortnight A period of two weeks. A period of two weeks and odd days.
Weaned to stop breast-feeding. She stopped breast-feeding and I shall never forget.
Perilous Full of danger or risk. Knock full of danger or risk and it cried bitterly. It was a painful bruise.
Teat Nipple of a female mammal. You have sucked wisdom from my breast.
Valiant Possessing are showing courage determination. The courageous Paris wants Juliet as his love.
Hoodwinked Deceive or trick. Love will not be fooled by a scarf.
Ambling To walk slowly. Give me the torch, I do not want to dance.
Nimble Quick or light in movement or action. I can move fast but I feel sad inside.
Visage A person’s face or features. I do not want them to know what my face looks like, so give me a mask.
Constable A peace officer with limited policing authority, typically in a small town. Your being a stick in the mud, as cautious as a policeman on night patrol.
Mire A stretch or swampy or boggy ground. If you are dirty we will draw you from the mud.
Courtiers A person who attends a royal court as a companion or adviser to the king or queen. She dreams about curtsying.
Bodes Be an omen to a particular outcome. Brings bad luck if they are untangle.
Revels Enjoy oneself in a lively and noisy way, with drinking and dancing.
Unplagued Not to cause trouble or distress. I have a feeling this party tonight will end with my own death.
Corns A small painful area of thickened skin on the foot. Ladies that don’t have corns of their toes will dance with you.
Knaves Dishonest or unscrupulous man. More light, you rascals. Flip the tables over and get them out of the way.
Nuptial Relating to marriage or weddings. It’s been the since then wedding of Lucentio. His wedding was so long ago.
Rapier A thin,light,sharp-pointed sword used for thrusting. Go get my sword boy.
Disparagement Regard or represent as being of little worth. Here in my house do him with little respect.
Semblance The outward appearance or apparent form of something,when reality is different. They were not there to make trouble they just wanted to find a girl.
Scathe Harm or injure. I know this trick may harm you.
Profane Relating or devoted to that which is not sacred or biblical. Your hand is like a holy place that my hand is unworthy to touch.
Purge Get rid of an unwanted feeling or memory. If you kiss me my sin will go away.
Trifling A thing of little value or importance. We have a little dessert coming up.
Prodigious Remarkably or impressively great in extent, size, or degree. I am greatly in love.
Climax The turning point in the story or, alternately, the moment of greatest tension.
Conflict Struggle of the following person vs. person person vs. self person vs. nature person vs. society. One plot element that creates rising action.
Exposition The necessary background details and explanations of the story
Falling action Events that occur after the climax.
Five-act play structure Act 1 of the characters of the player introduced, the setting is established, and the seeds of conflict are sown. Act 2 the tension mounts as additional twists and turns complicate the conflict introduced in act 1. Act 3 The conflict reaches ahead, and the hero comes to a point of decision- A crossroads that leads to victory or defeat. Act 4 this is a possibility of rehearsal reversal, whether for good or bad; Hopes and fears are elevated. Act 5 The conflict is resolved, whether through the triumph or the downfall of the hero.
Plot The essential elements of a good story it is what makes it interesting me hooks you attention.
Resolution How the story ends.
Rising action Events that develop the story.
Gapes Stare with one’s mouth open wide, typically in amazement or wonder.
Heir A person legally entitled to the property or rank of another on that person’s death.
Conjure make something appear unexpected unexpectedly or seemingly for no where as if by magic. I must make him appear.
Purblind Having impaired or defective vision. Just say the nickname of her blind son Cupid.
Demesnes Land attached to a manner and retained for the owner’s own use. The region right next to her thighs.
Invocation The action of invoking something or someone for assistance or as an authority. The things I’m saying are fair and honest.
Discourses Speak for right authoritatively about a topic. Her eyes are saying something.
Entreat Ask someone earnestly or anxiously to do something. They’re asking her eyes to twinkle in their place until they return.
Peril Serious and immediate danger. Alas one angry look from you would be worse.
Enmity The state or feeling of being actively oppose or hostile to someone or something. I am invincible against their hatred.
Perjuries The offense of willfully telling an untruth in a court after having taken an oath or affirmation. If you swear you love me you might turn out to be lying.
Impute Represent as being done, cost, or possessed by someone; attribute. Something especially undesirable. So excuse me, and do not assume that because you made me love you so easily my love isn’t serious.
Procure Obtain with care or effort. I’ll send a messenger to you, and you can pass on a message telling me where and when will be married.
Rite Religious or other solemn ceremony or act. Where and when I’ll be married.
Beseech Ask someone urgently and fervently to do something. I beg you.
Reels Lose one’s balance and stagger or lurch violently. Darkness is stumbling out of the suns path like a drunk man.
Naught The digit 0;zero. There is nothing.
Vile Extremely unpleasant. That is so evil.
Predominant Present as the strongest or main element. When evil is dominant death soon kills the body like cancer.
Wooed Try to gain the love of someone typically a woman especially with a view to marriage. And when we met and how we fell in love and how we exchange promises.
Rancor Bitterness or resentfulness especially when long-standing. This marriage may be lucky enough to turn the hatred between your families into pure love.
Catharsis Or internal cleansing and emotional purification, and feel enriched.
Theme Underlying idea that drives the story.
Tragedy Is one of the two types are of classical dramas the other being comedy. The hero is someone of noble birth, someone of stature in society. The hero has a tragic flaw or shortcoming. This weak point in the heroes character ultimately leads to his or her downfall.
Pox Used to express anger or intense irritation with someone or something. I hate these crazy, affected guys who use foreign phrases and newfangled expressions.
Mar Impair the appearance of; disfigure. I am a man, my lady, that God has made for himself to ruin.
Convoy Accompanied, as a group, get together. Then I’ll meet Juliet joyfully and in secret.
Heralds And official messenger bringing news. Loves messengers should be thoughts, which fly 10 times faster than sunbeams.
Jaunting A short excursion or journey for pleasure. I could get sick and die.
Drudge I do the drudge work for your pleasure. I am a person made to do hard, menial, or dull work.
Toil Work. I do the drudge work for your pleasure.
Chide Scold or rebuke. So nothing unfortunate happens later to make us regret it.
Consume Completely destroyed. When they meet, as in a kiss, they explode.
Loathsome Too much honey is delicious, but it makes you sick to your stomach. Causing hatred or discussed; repulsive.
Confounds It makes you sick to your stomach. Cause surprise confusion act against their expectations.
Blank verse Is characterized by unrhymed lines, a set rhythm pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables called meter, a set of syllables per line called foot.
Context clues
Iambic pentameter An unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable. There is a group of 5 feet in this case, five iambs.
Meter Rhythm pattern.
Setting Time and place in which a story occurs. Romeo and Juliet is 16th-century northern Italy.
Retire Call it a day. I am begging you, good Mercutio, let’s call it a day.
Brawl Fight. If we bump into them, we’ll certainly get into a fight.
Apt Habit. If I were in the habit of fighting.
Consort Hang out. “Hang out?” Who do you think we are?
Effeminate Like a woman. Your beauty has made me weak like a woman.
Amorous Showing, feeling, or relating to sexual desire.
Tedious Too long, slow, or dull.
Eloquence Fluid or persuasive speaking or writing.
Fiend An evil spirit or demon.
Dissemblers A person who conceals their true motives, feelings, or beliefs.
Afflictions Something that causes pain or suffering.
Calamity An event causing great and often severe damage or distress: a disaster.
Mangle Severely mutilate, disfigure, or damage by cutting, tearing, or crushing.
Piteous Deserving or arousing pity.
Denote Be a sign of; indicate.
Sullen Bad-tempered and sulky; gloomy
Lamentation Passionate expression of grief or sorrow; weeping.
Sojourn A temporary stay.
Woe Great sorrow or distress.
Ado Trouble or difficulty.
Jocund Cheerful and lighthearted.
Loathed Feel intense dislike or disgust for.
Fickle Changing frequently, especially as regards one loyalties, interests, or affection.
Procure Obtain something with care or effort.
Wreak Cause a large amount of damage or harm.
Comic relief
Dramatic irony In a story, this occurs when the audience knows about situation that the characters do not.
Situational irony This occurs when the outcome of the situation is different then what is expected.
Verbal irony The literal meaning of someone’s words is different from the intended meaning.
Immoderately Not sensible restrained; excessive.
Inundation An overwhelming abundance of people or things.
Pensive Engaged in, involving, reflecting deep or serious thought.
Arbitrating (Of an independent person or body) reach and authoritative judgment or settlement.
Charnel Associated with death.
Surcease Relief or consolation.
Headstrong Self-willed and obstinate
Prostrate Lying stretched out on the ground with one’s face downward.
Culled Select from a large quantity of; obtain from a variety of sources.
Distraught Deeply upset and agitated.
Alliteration These are multiple words starting with the same consonant sound.
Figurative language This is often associated with poetry. It compares seemingly unlike things with each other. It creates a vivid image the reader or audience can visualize.
Hyperbole This is an exaggerated statement used to make a point.
Imagery Language that paints a picture by appealing to the senses.
Metaphor Implied comparisons that do not use like or as.
Personificat This gives human characteristics to non-living things.
Simile Directly stated comparisons that use the words like or as.
Solace Comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness.
Warrant Justify or necessitate a certain course of action.
Dirges A mournful song, piece of music, or poem.
Amended Make better; improve.
Pestilent Destructive to life; deadly.
Tarry Wait.
Globe Theater Located on the outskirts of London. Shakespeare and his group of partners were able to build their own theater. They called it Globe. It was octagonal and had an opening in the roof to allow natural light to illuminate the stage.
Pit Right in front of the stage. Cheapest admission. But if it started to rain the people in it would get wet.
Stage directions Are given from the viewpoint of the actor. Downstage means closer to the audience. Upstage means farther away from the audience.
Presage A sign or warning that something bad will happen.
Apothecary A person who prepared and sold medicines and drugs.
Penury Extreme poverty; destitution.
Cordial Warm and friendly.
Pestilence A fatal epidemic disease, esp. Bubonic plague.
Obsequies Funeral rites.
Inexorable Impossible to stop or prevent.
Maw The jaws or throat of a voracious animal.
Sunder Split apart.
Paramour A lover, especially the illicit partner of a married person.
Inauspicious Not conducive to success; unpromising.
Churl An impolite and mean-spirited person.
Sepulcher A small room or monument, cut in rock or built of stone, in which a dead person is laid or buried.
Ambiguities Uncertainty or inexactness of meaning in language.
Purge Rid of an unwanted feeling, memory, or condition, typically giving a sense of cathartic release.
Rigor The quality of being extremely thorough, exhaustive accurate. Severity or strictness.
Scourge A thing that causes great trouble or suffering.

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