Romeo and Juliet – English 2nd Sem.

What is blank verse? Unrhymed iambic pentameter
Define contrived Unconvincing, intended to look authentic but is planned
Define despondency State of being very unhappy
Define melodrama Displaying exaggerated emotions and language
What are 3 traits that Juliet possesses? Young, sarcastic, intelligent
What are 3 traits that Romeo possesses? Young, melancholy, brave
Define confidant A trusted person that you can confide in
Define metaphysical Relating to the abstract study of the nature of being
Define ominous Threatening or suggestive of something bad about to happen
Who are Romeo and Juliet’s confidants? Romeo’s confidant is the Friar, and Juliet’s confidant is her nurse.
What are 2 re-accuring themes in Romeo and Juliet? Light and Dark, Love and Death
What genre is Romeo and Juliet categorized in? Tragic comedy
Define dramatic irony When you/the audience knows something but the characters in the play do not
Define foreshadowing – give an example in the play that shows foreshadowing *Subtle hints towards something that is about to happen. You nor the characters in the play usually see it coming-Example: Nurses constant babbling, the word death thrown around
Explain the difference between dramatic irony and foreshadowing With dramatic irony you as the audience can tell what it going to happen but the characters do not and with foreshadowing its something neither the audience or the characters know, and its a surprise when it happens.
Define allusion Literary device that Shakespeare used; a reference to well known people, places, myths, or literature. They are used to include big complex ideas into the writing without having to explain it.
Define epitome A typical example of a type, mode, class, or characteristic
Define status quo The state of affairs that currently exist
Why do writers use allusions in their writing?Give an example of an allusion in Romeo and Juliet Writers use allusions in their writing to bring big complex ideas into work without having to explain them
Define disenfranchise To deprive a person of legal rights/protection
Define fickle Inconsistent, likely to change or reverse
What does Juliet threaten to do if she is forced to marry Paris on Thursday? Juliet threatens to kill herself.
What is one reason that the Capulets think of Romeo as a villain? Romeo killed Tybalt for killing Mercutio in Act III.
What type of bird song does Romeo and Juliet hear? They hear a Lark.
What does a lark represent? Why does Juliet want to believe she heard a nightingale instead of a Lark? A lark represents day break or the beginning of a day. Juliet wants to believe she heard a nightingale instead because that would mean she would have a little more time with Romeo before they could no longer be together as husband and wife.
What is the main reason that Romeo and Juliet have difficulties being together? Romeo is a Montague and Juliet is a Capulet. The Montagues and the Capulets have long time problems with each other.

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