romeo and juliet drama notes

Drama is meant to be seen on stage with.. scenery
the spectator must be able to.. lose himself in identification with the protagonist
drama is a performing art and imitation of.. human experience
3 parts of drama characters, plot, dialogue
must be believable and seem real; personality is revealed by what _____ says and does character
plays revolve around conflict; this is controlled or condensed plot
is relied on for its effect; staging, costumes, and sound effects are 2ndary; carries action, explains, characterizes, discloses dialogue
a play is as great as its.. spoken words
____ is in the heart of drama word
an untruth accepted as real dramatic convention
a contrast btw what a character says and thinks and what actually happens dramatic irony
a drama which recounts events that culminate in unhappy catastrophe tragedy
a light form of drama which aims primarily to amuse and ends happily comedy
comedy that appeals to intellect and evokes thoughtful laughter high comedy
comedy that is lacking in seriousness and subltely of manner low comedy
structure of a tragedy exposition, complication, crisis, falling action, catastrophe
who does the tragedy befall in a shakespearean tragedy? *except love tragedies the protagonist
what does the story lead up to in a shakespearean tragedy? the hero’s death
what is the hero’s tragic flaw? *ironic her greatness and weakness
what is the greatest conflict? internal, man vs. himself

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