Romeo and Juliet crossword

Words that seem like they should rhyme but don’t Slant Rhyme
She is Juliet’s confidant Nurse
Juliet’s family Capulet
This is where we lay our scene Verona
He proclaims death to the nest person to fight in the streets of Verona Prince Escalus
Romeo’s family Montague
2 rhymed lines written in iambic pentameter heroic couplet
Juliet’s suitor and the Prince’s kingsman Paris
A relative of the Prince and Romeo’s best friend Mercutio
10 syllables that alternates unstressed, stressed iambic pentameter
Romeo’s cousin; he tries to keep the peace Benvolio
Capulet servingman who answers, “No, sir, I do no bite my thumb at you, sir, but I do bite my thumb, sir.” Sampson
Montague servingman who asks, “Do you bite your thumb at us…?” Abram
Juliet’s cousin Tybalt
The girl Romeo loved before he met Juliet Rosaline
Capulet servingman who stirs up trouble in 1.1 Gregory
The bard himself Shakespeare

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