Romeo and Juliet Crossword

Engaged to Juliet against her will Paris
The Capulet’s only daughter Juliet
Montague promises a _____ of Juliet made of pure gold. Statue
“O, swear not by the _____, the inconstant _____.” Moon
At first, Friar Lawrence and the _____ are the only two who know about Juliet and Romeo’s marriage. Nurse
Where Romeo lives in exile Mantua
Romeo’s punishment for killing Tybalt Banishment
Sells poison to Romeo Apothecary
Juliet’s cousin, killed by Romeo Tybalt
The Prince’s cousin, killed by Tybalt Mercutio
“But soft. What light through yonder _____ breaks?” Window
“…the two hours’ _____ of our stage.” Traffic
Lady _____ dies of grief. Montague
The town in which the play takes place Verona
Juliet insists Romeo hears this bird, not the lark. Nightingale
“With love’s light _____ did I o’erperch these walls.” Wings
“A _____ o’ both your houses.” Plague
A fight breaks out because a servant _____ his thumb at another. Bites
The weapon Juliet uses to kill herself Dagger
“For never was a story of more _____ Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.” Woe
The Capulet’s illiterate servant Peter
The Montague’s son Romeo
This friar was sent with a note to Romeo. John

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