Romeo and Juliet Characters’ Conflicts Internal/External

Romeo Internal: He thinks that Juliet is deadExternal: He is banished, fate, kills Tybalt, kills Paris
Juliet Internal: Misses Romeo, Romeo is a MontagueExternal: Bad relationship with Lord Capulet, fate
Nurse Internal: Who to side with, L. Capulet or Juliet?External: Tybalt is dead, Romeo is banished, and she has to tell Juliet
Benvolio External: His friend dies, he cannot stop people from fighting
Mercutio External: He is killed by Tybalt, and blames Romeo for it
Friar Lawrence Internal: Conflicted about marrying Romeo and Juliet
Lord Capulet External: Feud with he Montague family, bad relationship with Juliet
Lady Capulet External: Wants Juliet to be married
Lord Montague External: Worries about Romeo, wife dies
Lady Montague External: Has to stop husband from fighting, dies of grief
Paris External: Juliet doesn’t love him, he is killed by Romeo
Prince External: Fed up with the feud
Tybalt External: Wants to kill Romeo, killed by Romeo

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