Romeo and Juliet Characters Act 2

Friar Laurence He secretly marries Romeo and Juliet in hopes that the union will bring peace to Verona.
Romeo Hides in the garden near the Capulet house, kisses Juliet on her balcony, secretly marries her
Juliet Rebellious. Kisses Romeo on her balcony, sends nurse to talk to him, marries the next day
Nurse Peter’s master, brings message from Romeo to Juliet confirming the marraige
Mercutio Tries to lure Romeo out of the garden by talking about Rosaline, teases Tybalt, makes fun of Romeo for being so lovesick, and bullies the nurse
Benvolio Tells Mercutio to leave Romeo alone
Peter The Nurse’s servant
Sarcasm A bitter, taunting, sneering, sometimes humorous remark
Aside A character’s remark, to the audience or another character, which others on stage are not supposed to hear
Monolougue A long speech made by one character who may monopolize the conversation
Double-entendre A word or expression having two meanings, especially when one is risqué
Oxymoron A figure of speech in which contradictory terms appear side by side
Soliloquy A long speech made by a character who is alone (or thought to be alone) and reveals the character’s private feelings to the audience

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