Romeo and Juliet characters

“A greater power then we can contradict – thwarted our intens” Friar Lawrence-He was catholic, the book was written during the protestant refomation. Could show he might have bad intentions.
“unstained” Juliet-About marrying romeo, shows how marrying Paris is unpure. She is also unpure and young and hasnt been through the pain of life.
“my dismal scene, i must act alone” Juliet-Semantic field for drama, shows how they’re actors and controlled by fate. Similar to the play
“death mark’d love””star crossed lovers” Aristotelian chorus creates a sense of inevitability about the tragedy Stars could represent the heavens and god and Romeo and Juliets sin of having sex before marriage could anger the gods and make them “cross” Sonnet form of prologue outlines the events at the end.
“did my heart love til now?” Romeo-satirising young love Romeo and Juliet love is presented as authentic by using the sonnet form when they meet rhyming couplet at the end shows completion
“Juliet is the sun””bright angel””The brightness of those cheeks will shame those stars” Romeo uses nice and poetic language which focuses on her Modern audience could see this as Shakespeare satirising the love because Romeo is still focussed primarily on her looks
“I dreamt my lady came and find me dead… and breathed such life with kisses in my lips” Romeo dreams of Juliet waking him from death, this soliloquy merely creates pathos for Romeo, whos fate with Juliet is sealed. It introduces the final act, the dramatic irony of the scene creates pathos for Romeo and Juliets situation as we know they are going to die

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