Romeo and Juliet- Characters

Benvolio Romeo’s cousin, peaceful and stops many fights between the Capulets and Montagues. He makes an effort to stop fights from happening. He also gives advice to Romeo for getting over Rosaline
Tybalt Juliet’s cousin, very violent and hates ALL montagues. Very loyal to his family, wants to start fights. Kills Mercutio, gets killed by Romeo
Chorus narrates the summary of the play at the beginning of some acts
Capulet Juliet’s father, at first gives the choice of who Juliet wants to marry and wants her to be happy, then becomes very strict and forceful of Juliet’s marriage. When Juliet “dies” , is more worried about the heir of his family instead of her actual death
Lady Capulet Juliet’s mother, very distant from her daughter until she finds her “dead”
Montague Romeo’s father, worried about Romeo’s depression
Lady Montague Rome’s mother
Prince on his own side and must end dispute between the two families, threatens death if one of them gets into a public fight again. Wants to maintain public peace
Romeo thinks he is in love, very dramatic and intense, falls in love with Juliet within minutes, depressed at the beginning of the play, very passionate
Paris wants to marry Juliet, sucks up to father in order to gain word from Capulet
Nurse motherly figure toward Juliet, keeps all her secrets and supports the marriage of her and Romeo until he is exiled, and then encourages Juliet to marry Paris. Has closest relationship with Juliet
Juliet at first goes along with parent’s decisions, falls in love with Romeo, very paranoid, conscious about their relationship, responsible for Romeo, independent
Mercutio friend of Romeo, very weird and dramatic and poetic, loyal friend of Romeo, gets killed by Tybalt
Friar Lawrence priest of Church, responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s love, wants to see peace between two families, comes up with plans for the two lovers and gives advice to them

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