Romeo and Juliet: Characters

The narrator of the prologue. Chorus
The woman with whom Romeo is supposedly in love at that outset of the play; she has sworn to be chaste. Rosaline
The illiterate servant of the Capulets. Peter
A servant of the Montague’s who asks, “Do you bite your thumb at us, sir?” Abram
Causes the fight at the outset of the play. Sampson & Gregory
“The Prince of Cats” Tybalt
Juliet’s fiery cousin who’s very good with a blade. Tybalt
Juliet’s best/breast friend; she’s often inappropriate. Nurse
Romeo’s best friend who does not think that much of dreamers or their fantasies. Mercutio
The Prince of Verona and kinsman to Mercutio. Escalus
Romeo’s, honest, thoughtful and peace-loving cousin. Benvolio
He is a kinsman to the Prince and the suitor of Juliet. Paris
Romeo’s mother. Lady Montague
Romeo’s father; he’s concerned about Romeo’s depression. Montague
Juliet’s mother; she’s eager to see Juliet marry Paris. Lady Capulet
Juliet’s father; he’s angered easily if disobeyed. Capulet
The only daughter of the Capulets; she’s only 13. Juliet
The only son of the Montagues; he’s impulsive and 16. Romeo
A Franciscan Friar that marries Romeo & Juliet in an attempt to bring peace to the feuding families. He is an expert in working with flowers and herbs. Friar Lawrence.
Friar John A Franciscan Friar charged with getting a letter to Romeo while he’s banished in Mantua.
Balthasar Romeo’s servant. He informs Romeo in Mantua that Juliet has “died.”
The Apothecary A pharmacist in Mantua. Because he is desperately poor, he sells the fatal poison to Romeo.

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