Romeo and Juliet Characters

Romeo son of lord Montague, juliet’s love interest
Juliet daughter of lady capulet
Friar Laurence friend of Romeo and Juliet, marries them
Mercutio kingsman to the prince, friend of Romeo, killed by Tybalt
Tybalt capulet, Juliet’s cousin, Romeo kills him, (prince of cats)
Lady Capulet Juliet’s mom; likes Tybalt
Paris kingsman to the prince, wants to marry Juliet
Benvolio Montague’s nephew, Romeo’s cousin, helps Romeo
Friar John tells Romeo that Juliet died
Balthasar Romeo’s servant, brings Romeo the news of Juliet
Nurse personal servant and nurse of Juliet, raises Juliet, more figure
Apothecary sells Romeo poison in Mantua

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