Romeo and Juliet Characters

Sampson A servant of the Capulets who bit his thumb at Abram
Gregory A servant of the Capulets who was there when Sampson bit his thumb at Abram
Abram Servant of the Montagues who fought Sampson and Gregory in Act I, Scene I
Benvolio Romeo’s cousin who often tries to keep things peaceful
Tybalt Juliet’s cousin who kills Mercutio and is killed by Romeo afterwards; he is knows as the “Prince of Cats” and is an excellent swordsman
(Lord) Capulet Juliet’s father who wants her to marry Paris
Lady Capulet Juliet’s mother; accuses Benvolio of lying to the Prince about Tybalt’s death and is bitterly angry with Romeo
(Lord) Montague Romeo’s father
Lady Montague Romeo’s mother; dies of a broken heart
Prince (Escalus) the fair ruler of Verona who tries hard to keep his citizens safe from the rancor between the Montagues and Capulets
Romeo A Montague who falls in love with a Capulet and is often very dramatic
Rosaline woman Romeo was in love with at the beginning of the play (this person did not return his love)
Paris Prince Escalus’s kinsman who wants to marry Juliet
Peter An illiterate servant of the Capulets who often helps the nurse
Nurse person who raises Juliet since birth (slightly perverted at times); Shakespeare uses her as comic relief to ease the difficulty of reading such a tragic play
Juliet a Capulet who falls in love with a Montague (and talks to herself on the balcony)
Chorus people who act as a narrator for the play
Friar Lawrence person who marries Romeo and Juliet and warns them to love moderately (possibly the wisest person in the play); he is partially to blame for his decision to marry two youths without their parents’ consent. He also may not have demonstrated the best behavior by assisting Juliet in faking her death.
Mercutio Prince Escalus’s nephew who is friends with Romeo and Benvolio and is stabbed by Tybalt; he is hotheaded and fights Tybalt on behalf of Romeo because he is bothered by Romeo’s “vile submission”
Balthasar Romeo’s servant who delivers the news that Juliet is dead to Romeo
Friar John Friar Lawrence’s friend who failed to deliver the letter to Romeo in Mantua because of a sickness that was at the border

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