Romeo and Juliet Characters

ROMEO one of the protagonists of the play; fickle when it comes to love
JULIET one of the protagonists of the play; at the play’s beginning, this character does not want to marry
CAPULET thinks Juliet should wait a few more years before marriage, but then promises her to Paris
LADY CAPULET tells Juliet to look at Paris during the masquerade in order to see if she can consider marrying him
NURSE Juliet’s babysitter; feels like a mother to her; crude sense of humor
MERCUTIO enjoys telling entertaining, sometimes crude, stories; Romeo’s good friend and a relative of Prince Escalus; killed by Tybalt during a street brawl
BENVOLIO a peace keeper; tries to convince Tybalt to help him part the feuding servants at the beginning of the play
TYBALT quick-tempered youth; Juliet’s cousin; accidentally killed by Romeo
MONTAGUE offers to have a statue built in honor of Juliet
LADY MONTAGUE dies from grief after her son is banished from Verona
FRIAR LAWRENCE Romeo’s advisor; secretly marries Romeo to Juliet and devises plans to keep their marriage secret
FRIAR JOHN he is detained by plague searchers and is unable to deliver an important letter to Romeo in Mantua
APOTHECARY he illegally sells poison to Romeo that has the power to kill ten men
ROSALINE In Act I, Romeo is so lovesick over her that he goes to the Capulets’ party in order to see her
PRINCE ESCALUS he orders that anyone caught fighting in the streets will be sentenced to death
PARIS a noble Count; in talks with Juliet’s father to arrange a marriage
SAMPSON bites his thumb at the Montague servants; tells bawdy jokes in Act I, scene i
BALTHASAR Romeo’s servant; brings news of Juliet’s death
MANTUA city in which Romeo hides during his banishment
VERONA the primary setting for Romeo & Juliet
PETER servant to the Nurse; illiterate; accidentally tells Romeo about the Capulets’ party
QUEEN MAB fairy who delivers dreams to assorted dreamers, some good and some bad

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