Romeo and Juliet characters

Juliet Age 13Daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet Arranged marriage to Paris Falls in love with Romeo Characteristics: courageous, sensitive, beautiful, loyal
Count Paris Age 20-30Relative of Prince EscalusWants to marry Juliet Characteristics: well-meaning, self-important, dignified
Benvolio Mid-late teens Romeo’s cousin and friendCalm and sensible PeacemakerCharacteristics: thoughtful, loyal
Lord Montague Middle aged Romeo’s fatherConsiderateNot-active in feud
Lady Capulet About 30Juliet’s motherLifeless character Relationship with Juliet is formalCharacteristics: cold, vengeful
Lord Capulet Middle agedJuliet’s fatherCharacteristics: sociable, generous
Mercutio Late teensSharp-wittedClose friend of Romeo Relative of Prince EscalusCharacteristics: fun loving, quick witted, energetic
Nurse Middle agedJuliet’s main associate and confidante Practically raised Juliet since birth. Knows about Romeo and JulietCharacteristics: simple, earthy, talkative
Friar Lawrence Middle agedMarries Romeo and JulietGives Juliet potion to fake death so she can be with RomeoCharacteristics: compassionate, secretive, short sighted
Balthasar Romeo’s servantMistakenly informs Romeo of Juliet’s death Read Romeo’s letter that was left at the vault which was intended for Lord Montague
Romeo Mid-late teens HandsomeSon of Lord and Lady Montague Interested in loveCharacteristics: passionate, fearless, romantic
Peter AKA the ClownMale servant of CapuletsCan not readInvites Romeo to masquerade party
Tybalt Age 20ishNephew of Lord CapuletCousin of Juliet Characteristics: vain, aggressive, self-important
Prince Esculas Middle agedRuler of VeronaCritical of feudFair minded rulerCharacteristics: dignified, kind, fair minded
Lady Montague Uncertain ageRomeo’s motherNot interested in feudDied over the sadness of Romeo’s death Characteristics: maternal, sensitive
Apothecary Sells Romeo poison to kill himself
Watchmen Arrive at scene of Romeo and Juliet’s death
Friar John Colleague of Friar Lawrence
Sampson and Gregory Capulet servants

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