Romeo and Juliet – Character Review

Tybalt Juliet’s cousin on her mother’s side, he is aggresive, violent, and quick to draw his sword.
Escalus The Prince of Verona, he is a kinsman to Mercutio and Paris. He is concerned about maintaining the public peace.
Lord Montague He is Romeo’s father. At the beginning of the play, he is concerned with his son’s melancholy.
Paris A relative of Prince Escalus, he asks Lord Capulet for Juliet’s hand in marriage.
Lord Capulet He truly loves his daughter, but he seems to think that he knows what is best for her.
Nurse Until a disagreement near the end of the play, she is Juliet’s confidant.
Mercutio A relative to the Prince and a close friend of Romeo, he can be vulgar and long-winded. He is killed by Tybalt.
Benvolio Montague’s nephew and Romeo’s closest friend, he makes an effort to diffuse violent situations. He tries to get Romeo’s mind off Rosaline.
Apothecary Had he been wealthy, he would have refued to sell poison to Romeo.
Peter He is an illiterate servant of the Capulets, and he usually escorts Nurse.
Samson (Sampson) A servant of Capulet, he bites his thumb (a sign of disrespect) at the Montague servants.
Gregory A Capulet servant who provokes the Montague servants into a fight.
Lady Capulet She is eager to see her daughter marry. Also, she is an ineffectual mother.
Abraham (Abram) A Montague servant who is challenged to a fight at the beginning of the play.
Balthasar A Montague servant who is also present at the end of the play in the graveyard scene.
Lady Montague She dies of grief after Romeo is exiled from the town of Verona.
Friar John He is held up in a quarrantined house and is unable to deliver an important message to Romeo.
Rosaline Romeo is infatuated with her at the beginning of the play, but she does not care for him.
Friar Laurence (Lawrence) He is a holy man who is expert in using herbs to make various potions.
Romeo He is deeply in love with Juliet, and he would rather die than live without his beloved.
Juliet She shows amazing courage in trusting her entire life and future to Romeo.

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