Romeo and Juliet: Character Identification

Roemo The main male character in the play who is sensitive and part of the Montague family
Juliet The main female character who was in love with Romeo and part of the Capulet family
Benvolio Part of the Montague family: is Romeos cousin who try’s to stop violent and get Romeos mind of off Rosaline
Tybalt Part of the Capulet family: Juliet’s cousin who is aggressive and gets killed by Romeo. AKA: king of cats
Nurse Juliets nanny she is garrulous and spends most of the play gathering messenges between Romeo and Juliet
Mercutio Romeo’s best friend who likes to use word play and make puns in sexual ways.
Friar Lawrence The friar who marries Romeo and Juliet to try and mend the peace. Always mentions to take things slow and uses a lot of foreshadowing
Count Paris Kingsmen if the prince who is arranged to marry Juliet
Balthasar Romeos servant who brings Romeo the news that Juliet is dead
Lady Capulet Juliet’s mom who is ineffectiant
Apothecary an apothecary who sold poison to Romeo
Prince the prince of the town who says whoever fights in the town of verona will be killed
Lord Capulet Juliet’s father who is stubborn.
Rosaline Romeos past love before Juliet. She became a nun
Lady Montague Romeo’s mother who dies of grief at the end of the play

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