Romeo and Juliet – Boyd

Why do Sampson and gregory fight with the Montague’s They do it for their masters who is a Capulet
When Romeo and Tibet show up to the fight how do they react when the get there Tibet wants them to fight
What is the difference between lady capulet and her reaction and lady Montague and her reaction when they arrived at the fight
What ended the first battle The prince threatened them all with death if they fought.
Why is romeo so sad in the beginning The love of his life doesn’t love him back
In act 1 what was lord capulets reaction to paris asking him for Juliet’s hand in marriage Paris should wait till Juliet is 2 years older
Why is capulet having a party in the first place He wants Juliet to meet an eligible bachelor
Why does romeo decide to attend the party The girl he loves will be there
What is Juliet’s relationship with her fam She is well loved and the only child
Act one what does romeo tell benvolio about his future “For my mind misgivesSome consequence, yet hanging in the stars.Shall bitterly begin his fearful dateWith this night’s revels, and expire the termOf a despised life closed in my breast.By some vile forfeit of untimely death.”
Define this quote “Oh dear my account my life is my foe’s debt?” -Romeo Montague His love for Juliet has brought him out of his depression. Since she is a Capulet,he owes his enemy for his new happiness.
In act 2 romeo and juliet profess their love Juliet contacts Romeo through a servant. why? to find out if they were going to be married the next day
Why does Friar Lawrence agree to marry them he hopes that the families hate will turn into love when they see Romeo and Juliet’s love
What message does the nurse take to Juliet that she is to go to Friar Laurence’s cell and then she and Romeo can be married
What warning does Friar Lawrence give Romeo about his future Friar Laurence warns Romeo by saying: “And in their triumph die, like fire and powder, which as they kiss, consume. the sweetest honey is loathsome in his own deliciousness and in the taste confounds the appetite. therefor love moderately: long love doth so, too swift arrives as tardy as too slow.” Foreshadows his death
Recrusio and Benvolio fight with Tybalt what does Romeo do when that happens Attempts to break up the fight
How do Mercutio and Tybalt die Mercutio fights Tybalt on behalf of Romeo and his relationship with Romeo. Romeo attempts to break up the fight, but Tybalt stabs Mercutio. As he is dying, Mercutio says, “A plague o’ both your houses!
What punishment did the prince give Romeo for fighting The punishment was death but he gave him excile-he had to leave and never come back
Who did Juliet decide to weep for
What is Juliet’s reaction when lady capulet gives her news about the arranged marriage
What is lord capulets reaction when she refuses to marry him
What advice does the nurse give to Juliet The Nurse tells her she should forget Romeo and marry Paris
What does Juliet go to Friar Lawrence’s cell for she goes to Friars cell to tell him about the marriage.
What plans do they make Juliet should agree to marry Paris. On the eve of her wedding, she should drink a potion that will make her appear dead. After it wears off, she should go to Mantua to be with Romeo.
What news does Balthasar bring to Romeo, how does he react Balthasar tells Romeo of Juliet’s death. Romeo rushes out to the apothecary to get poison. He goes to Juliet’s grave to drink the poison.
What went wrong with Friar’s plan His letter never got to Romeo, so Romeo didn’t know that Juliet was not really dead.
Why does Juliet kill her self with Romeo’s dagger Because he found Juliet dead so he killed him self when he saw her dead so when she woke she found him dead and killed her self
What are the circumstances of Paris’s death Paris’ goes to pay his last respects to Juliet when Romeo shows up. The two get into a fight and Romeo kills him and lays him next to Juliet.

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