Romeo and Juliet bigc

what dramatic functions are served by the prologue it tells us the setting, characters, and foreshadows romeo and juliets death
how is the feud portrayed in the plays forst scene the servants fight
what does the first scene of the play reveal about Romeo’s Behavior he is very emotional; he locks himself in his room and shuts out the light
what contrasting concepts of love are presented in scene 1 Good-in loveBad-heart break
what is learned about Capulets father daughter relationship during scene 2? he cares about her;she is his only child
what complications of plot arise in scene 2 romeo is supposed to be looking at other girls
what concepts of love are presented by the female characters in scene 3? Lady Capulet first approaches Juliet with the idea of marrying Paris
characterize Mercutio as he appears in scene 4 witty, not serious, good friend
Describe Romeo and Juliets discoveries of each others identity they both dont care about each others identity. they want to be with each other, and that their last names dont matter
Act 2
what is significant about mercutios remarks to Romeo in Scene 1 and Romeos response in scene 2? Mercutio doesnt understand love,romeos love for rosaline has vanished
/what images of light and fire does juliet inspire to Romeo he calls her the sun, to outshine the moon, and the stars in her eyes
what concerns does juliet express in Act 2, scene 2? she is concerned that someone will see Romeo and kill him.Also, she is concered that if romeo hears everything she said, he wont love her
Locate examples of dramatic irony in Act 2 scene 2 we know that they are going to die.We know that he is listening but she doesnt
what philosophical observations does Friar Lawrence make in Act2 scene 2 Plants have the ability to do good or bad depending on how they are used
what is friar lawrence’s reaction to Romeos request in act 2 scene 3 he is very against it at first, but them decides that it would help both of the families
characterize mercutio as he appears in act 2 scene 4 pretentious,hates tybalt, playful, concerned with romeo
describe the intervies between juliets nurse and romeo in act 2 scene 4 she warns romeo to be serious about juliet, and he tells her that he is and that he will marry her
how does he nurse inform juliet of romeos plans?how does Juliet react? she stalls.juliet freaks out and runs away after him
what elements in act 2 scene 4 foreshadow the fatality of romeo and juliets love reference to gunpowder;Romeo challenges death
Act 4
what plan does dies friar L propose to juliet to fake her death;juliet tells her parents she will marry paris, then when she wakes up, friar L will be there with romeo so that they can run away together
what concerns juliet in act 4 scene 3? how does she assuage each? she worries that the potion wont work, and what if Friar L is trying to trick her
describe the reactions to juliets apparent death in act 4 scene 5 shock , grief, denial, regret
Act 5
what preparation does romeo make in act 5 scene 1 when he learns of juliets death? Romeo goes to the apothecary and buys a poison to kill himself
examine paris’ function in act 5 scene 3 for suspense; to show the love for juliet and paris. Finalizes option for Romeo to kill himself because he killed Mercutio’s cousin
Examine Romeo’s last soliloquy in act 5 scene 3 he comments let the audience know she is waking up; they both drink to each other
Describe juliets awakening and death she wakes up looking for Romeo and sees him dead
how does the prince investigate the deaths talks to friar L Balthazar, page boy and reads romeo’s note
how does the prince intend to punish the guilty he doesnt. all are punished
what memorial will be built for romeo and juliet golden statues for each3

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