Romeo and Juliet – Benvolio

Who is Benvolio Romeo’s cousin. A Montague
Benvolio is a peacemaker, dislikes fighting. Tells the servants of Montague and Capulet to stop fighting ‘Part, fools! Put up your swords’
He is peaceful, whereas Tybalt ‘hates the word’ Peace ‘I do but keep the peace’
Benvolio is compassionate towards others. He is thoughtful and kind to Romeo when he sees he is upset due to unrequited love with Rosaline. ‘What sadness lengthens Romeo’s hours?’ and he would ‘weep. At thy good heart’s oppression.
Benvolio and Tybalt contrast Benvolio ‘keeps the peace’ but Tybalt is ‘deaf to peace.’Benvolio tries to avoid any conflict, however Tybalt’s aggression is much stronger than his peacefulness so he ends up fighting with him.
Benvolio advises Romeo to move on from Rosaline ‘Examine other beauties’ and ‘Take thou some new infection to thy eye’
Benvolio wants to take Romeo to the Capulet Party where he thinks he will meet prettier girls than Rosaline ‘I will make thee think thy swan a crow’
Shakespeare uses foreshadowing in Benvolio’s language to hint the tension and extreme violence in the fight between Tybalt and Romeo ‘these hot days, is the mad blood stirring’
Benvolio is an honest, decent man. Tells the Prince Tybalt started the fight and gave a true account of the fight. Shows he is a good friend to Romeo ‘Tybalt, here slain, whom Romeo’s hand did slay’

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