Romeo and Juliet background information

internal conflict within one character
external conflict between two characters or a group
tragedy a play in which disaster befalls a hero
4 signs of a tragedy features outstanding protagonist, emphasizes human greatness, arouses fear, pity, awe, ends unhappily with destruction of hero
soliloquy a long speech made by a character that is alone and reveals private thoughts and feelings to the audience
aside words spoken to the audience or another character while other characters are on stage. the other characters pretend to not hear
monolgue a long speech delivered by one character to another or a group of characters
3 types of dramatic speech aside, soliloquy, monologue
chorus a single character or group of characters whose words may connect scenes or convey the collective thoughts or feelings of the community
Shakespeare is often referred to as The Bard, the most famous playwright and poet of all time
Shakespeare wrote 4 types of plays Histories, comedies, romances, and tragedies
protagonists Romeo and Juliet
antagonists their parents, tybalt, the prince, paris
setting verona

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