romeo and Juliet, and then there were none and the curious incident of the dog in the night-time

r+j author William Shakespeare
r+j setting Verona Italy
r+j major characters romeo Juliet, friar Lawrence, nurse Mercutio Tybalt capulet lady capulet montague and lady montague paris benvlio
r+j minor characters prince friar john Balthasar Sampson and Gregory abram apothecary peter Rosaline
r+j plot romeo and Juliet fall in love at a ball at a capulet ball where Juliet dosent know who he is, he was just in hartbreak over Rosaline then they secretly get married then romeo kills her cousin and is banised then friar Lawrence and Juliet make a plan to get them together but romeo dosent get the message and they both end up dying
r+j theme forcefulness of love, romantic love and intense passion
and then there were none author Agatha Christie
and then there were none setting 1930s, on an island off the coast of devon england
and then there were none major characters wargrave, vera, Lombard, Armstrong, blore, brent, rogers, macaurthar, ethal rogers tony marston mr rogers
and then there were none minor characters issac morris, man at the dock
and then there were none plot 10 people were written by letter to come to an island in englad as a free vacation all having had been involved with murder and one by onesomeon is killing them off
and then there were none theme justice, result of guilt on someones conscience
curious incident author mark haddon
curious incident setting swindon England London England present day
curious incident major characters Christopher, dad, mom, mrs shears Wellington
curious incident minor characters Mrs. Sheras and Mr. shears Siobhan mr. jeavons mrs. forbes mrs. peters mrs. alexander Rhodri police man
curious incident plot chris finds wellington dead and tries to find out who killed him, found out it was dad and goes to London to live with mom cause he is scared of him now
curious incident theme family, mysetery

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