Romeo and Juliet All of Act One

Which gesture starts the fight between the Montague’s and Capulet’s at the beginning of the play? Thumb Biting
Why does Benvolio draw his sword in the street? To stop the fight before it starts
Which character claims to hate peace? Tybalt
Who stops the street battle? Prince Escalus
Why is Romeo so depressed in the beginning of the play? He loves Rosaline and she doesn’t love him back.
Why does Capulet want Count Paris to wait to marry Juliet? Juliet is too young to get married
Why does Peter ask Benvolio and Romeo to read the invitation list? He can’t read it himself
What mistake does Peter make regarding Romeo and Benvolio? He doesn’t realize that they’re Montagues.
Why does Benvolio want Romeo to go to the feast? To compare Rosaline to other beautiful women.
Why does Romeo agree to go to the feast? So he can see Rosaline.
How old was Lady Capulet when she gave birth to Juliet? The same age as Juliet now; 13
Which character shows the most authority of the Nurse? Juliet
Whom does Juliet intentionally want to marry? Nobody
What does Juliet agree to do with regard to Paris. She will see if she can love him.
Which characteristic of the Nurse is most evident in her first scene? Her humorously vulgar view of sex.
How do the Montagues plan on getting into the Capulet’s feast? By wearing masks.
Why is Romeo so anxious about attending the feast? He dreamt it was a bad idea
How does Mercutio react to Romeo’s statements about love? He turns them into statements about sex.
Who is the subject of Mercutio’s long speech? Queen Mab
Which event does Romeo foreshadow as they make their way to the feast? His own death
Who is the first to discover there is a Montage at the Capulet’s feast? Tybalt
Whom does Romeo forget about the moment he sees Juliet? Rosaline
How do Romeo and Juliet metaphorically describe themselves in their first conversation at the feast? As a saint and a pilgrim
How many times do Romeo and Juliet kiss at their first meeting? Two times
How do Romeo and Juliet react when each discovers whom the other is? They are both devastated.

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