Romeo and Juliet Acts 4-5

dismal dark
inundation flood
melancholy sad
wayward disobedient
cordial liqueur
obsequies funeral rites
inexorable relentless
penury poverty
pestilence disease
What does County Paris plan do do on Thursday get married to Juliet
From whom does Juliet ask for help Friar Laurence
What does Friar Laurence plan to do to prevent County Paris from accomplishing his goal give Juliet a sleeping poison that puts Juliet to sleep for 42 hours and it makes it look like she is dead
How will Juliet spend Wednesday night if all goes plan asleep
Where is Romeo during all the above in Mantua
What does Juliet tell her father when she returns home of Tuesday She wants to get married to Paris right away
List two reasons Juliet does not want to follow her fathers wishes married to Romeodoesn’t love him
When the nurse goes to Juliet’s chamber to wake her up in the morning, what does she find that Juliet is “dead”
Where is Romeo at the beginning of Act 5 In Mantua
How does Romeo feel. What does he believe is going to happen
What news does Balthasar bring to Romeo that Juliet is “dead”
Why has Friar Laurence given a letter to Friar John to deliver to Romeo Friar Laurence have given a letter to Friar John because Friar Laurence visited a hospital to help sick people and they didn’t let him leave because the hospital thought that Friar Laurence was contaminated
Where does Romeo confront Paris, and what happens Romeo confronts Paris in the Capulet monument in Verona, and Romeo kills Paris
Why does Romeo the poison because he thinks Juliet is dead
When Juliet sees Romeo’s body lying next to her, what does she do Juliet sees that Romeo is dead and takes Romeos sword and stabs herself
How does Friar Laurence explain this tragic event to the prince Friar tells the price the truth about everything

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