Romeo and Juliet Acts 3 and 4

As Romeo climbs down the cord ladder, Juliet thinks he looks different. How does she describe him? He looks like death
What does Lady Capulet want to do about Romeo? Poison him
What is the nurse’s advice to Juliet? To just let Romeo go and marry Paris just to make the family happy.
How does Juliet respond to the nurse after her advice? She agrees but secretly has a plan. She is also very upset with her because she is her best friend and was the only one who understood
What does Juliet now feel is her final way out if all else fails? To kill herself
Explain step by step the unusual plan Friar Lawrence devised to help Juliet escapef Go home and tell the family you plan to marry paris then take these pills that will make you appear dead then when they go to burry you romeo will save you when you wake up.
Who shall bear the letters to Romeo telling him of Juliet and Friar Lawrence’s new plan Another Friar
Because the father is so overjoyed at his daughter’s change, what has he decided to do about the wedding day? What day of the week will it now be? He bumped up the wedding to Wed instead of Thu.
List 4 things Juliet fears might happen if she drinks the potion: -That she will never wake up-that she will have to lay with the dead bodies of her family members, -it not working, -it actually being poisoned
What’s Juliet’s back-up plan if the potion doesn’t work? kill herself
Who does Capulet say has married his daughter Death
Who knows about Juliet’s plan Friar lawrence,

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