Romeo and Juliet: Acts 3-5

Who is Tybalt looking for when he meets Benvolio and Mercutio? Romeo
How does Mercutio treat Tybalt when they meet? He insult him and tries to get him angry.
What are two quotes from when Mercutio meats Tybalt? “Make it a word and a blow”(line 41). “Here’s my fiddlestick; here’s that shall make you dance” (line 49).
Why does Romeo refuse to fight Tybalt? Romeo refuses to be goaded into a fight when Tybalt calls him a peasant. He is too much in love with Juliet to be angered by one of her relatives. Even when he accuses him of insulting him, Romeo refrains because he knows the charge is false.
What happens when Romeo tries to stop the fight? Romeo orders the men to stop, then reaches between the two and tries to separate them. As he does so, Tybalt sweeps his sword under Romeo’s arm and stabs Mercutio. Mercutio, who is unable to defend himself, is mortally wounded.
What does Mercutio cry out after he is wounded? “A plague on both your houses” (Line 94)!
Who is Mercutio cursing? Both Romeo’s and Tybalt’s families, the Montagues and the Capulets.
What does Mercutio mean when he curses both their houses? Mercutio realizes his death is a result of the feud and curses both families for their part in it.
Romeo says to Tybalt, “Either thou or I, or both, must go with him [Mercutio]”(line 134). What does this mean? Romeo wants to avenge Mercutio’s death and will fight til either one of them or both of them are dead.
Who kills Tybalt? Romeo
Why does the Prince announce that he has “an interest in your hearts’ proceeding?” He is related to Mercutio (line 153), and also, the Prince ordered the families to end the feud and warned that those who disobeyed him would be executed.
What retribution for Tybalt’s death does Lady Capulet demand of the Prince? “Romeo must not live” (line 190). The Prince’s order is that Romeo must leave Verona in exile or die within the hour.
What is dramatic irony? When the audience/reader knows something that the characters do not know.
In the beginning of act 3 scene ii (Juliet and Romeo are already married) what is the dramatic irony? The reader knows that they are already married and the reader knows that Romeo has been banished. Juliet has not yet heard the news as she waits for him to come to her.
When Juliet learns that Romeo has killed Tybalt, she cries, “O serpent heart hid with the flow’ring face!” (line 79). Juliet is saying that there are opposites in Romeo’s nature. Find three other examples where Juliet says that Romeo is not what he appears to be. List the line numbers for each quote. “Did ever dragon keep so fair a cave?”(line 80), “Beautiful tyrant,fiend angelica!”(line 81), “Dove-feathered raven, wolfish-ravening lamb!”(line 82), “Despised substance of divinest show! Just opposite to what thou justly seem’st.” (lines 83-84), and “A damned saint, an honorable villain.”(line 85)
What are these examples that Juliet uses to decribe Romeo of? Oxymorons
Juliet says, “Some word there was, worser than Tybalt’s death.” (line 119). What word does she fear worse? Banished or exil
What does this word mean to Juliet? (banished) Romeo is gone forever, and she has lost everything.
What promise does the nurse make to Juliet? To find Romeo at Friar Lawrence’s cell and bring him to Juliet that night.
Define “weraday.” welladay, an expression of sorrow
Define “corse.” corpse
Define “naught/dissemblers.” evil deceivers
Define “aqua vitae.” strong drink, usually brandy
Define “you are beguiled.” your hopes are cheated
The Friar tells Romeo that the Prince’s judgment was banishment for Romeo. Romeo replies, “There is no world ‘without Verona walls/But purgatory, torture, hell itself./…Then banished/Is death mistermed…” (lines 18-22). Why does he feel this way? He, like Juliet, feels that his banishment is as bad as death as he cannot be with Juliet.
Romeo is willing to take his own life because of this banishment (line 116). However, Friar Lawrence stops him by reminding him what he has to be thankful for? List three ways Romeo is fortunate. Juliet is alive, Romeo wasn’t killed by Tybalt, and Romeo wasn’t sentenced to death
The Friar tries to give Romeo courage and hope by advising him to do three things. List the Friar’s advice to Romeo. Romeo should go to Juliet and comfort her. He must leave her room before daybreak, he must escape to Mantua where he will be safe, and later, Romeo and Juliet will announce their marriage, ask the Prince for forgiveness, and the families will be reconciled.
In Act I, Lord Capulet said that Paris had to win Juliet’s consent to marry. Why then does Capulet now agree to Paris’ request without Juliet’s approval? Juliet’s father believes that his daughter loves him and will obey his wishes. His is also sure that he has given full consideration of Juliet’s happiness in choosing her husband. He believes she is so upset about Tybalt, that this will make her happy again.
When was Paris and Juliet’s intended wedding day? Thursday
Juliet says to Romeo, “It was the nightingale, and not the lark,/ that pierced the fearful hollow of thine ear…Believe me love, it was the nightingale.” Explain why Romeo and Juliet would rather hear the nightingale sing than the lark The nightingale represents night, and the lark represents morning. They must part when dawn arrives, or Romeo will be killed. Therefore, neither Romeo nor Juliet wants to hear the lark sing.
As Romeo leaves, Juliet has a feeling of doom. What does Juliet see that frightens her? She sees Romeo lying dead in the bottom of a tomb.
In your own words describe what Lady Capulet tells Juliet about getting revenge for Tybalt’s death. Find someone in Mantua who will poison Romeo. Lady Capulet wishes Romeo dead so he will keep company with Tybalt.
When Juliet says that she will not marry Paris, her father reacts violently. List three of his reactions? Calls Juliet ungrateful (lines 154-155), if Juliet disobeys him, he says she can die in the streets (line 160-161) and never see him again (line 168), says he’d like to hit her (line 169-170), and he says he and his wife have been cursed by having Juliet as their child. (line 174)
What advice does the nurse give Juliet? She tells Juliet to consider Romeo dead and to marry Paris.
How would you describe Juliet’s reaction to the nurse’s advice? She feels the Nurse has given her bad advice and doesn’t understand her true feelings. Therefore, she will never confide in the nurse again. She decides to go to the Friar for advice. If everything fails, she plans to commit suicide.
Define “Nights-Candle’s.” the stars
Define “ill-divining.” prophetic of evil
Why does Paris come to speak with Friar Lawrence? Paris comes to tell Friar about his and Juliet’s wedding. Tells him that it is what Lord Capulet wants.
What is the Friar’s response to the talk of this wedding? He asks him if Juliet knows about it and says that he does not like it.
Why does Lord Capulet and Paris believe Juliet is upset and weeping? They believe she is crying over Tybalt’s death.
Friar Lawrence turns to the audience and says, “I would I knew not why it should be slowed” (line 16). What is this called? an aside
What does Juliet tell the Friar she will do if he can’t help her? Commit suicide by stabbing herself.
What is the Friar’s plan? On Wednesday night, Juliet will go to her room alone and will drink the poison. Immediately, Juliet will go into a trance that makes her appear dead. Thursday morning, Paris will try to awaken Juliet. Then Juliet’s family will prepare Juliet for buriel. To let Romeo know of Juliet’s condition, the Friar will write a letter to Romeo. Finally, Romeo will remove the awakened Juliet from the tomb and take her to Mantua.
Define “pensive.” sorrowful, sad
Define “prorogue.” postpone
Define “present counsel.” immediate advice
Define “charnel house.” house for storing bones of the dead.
This scene (Act 4 scene ii) begins on Tuesday night. Juliet’s parents are making preparations for her wedding to Paris. In your own words, what does Juliet ask of her parents? She asks them to forgive her for being so stubborn and rude.
In your own words, how does Juliet explain her change in attitude to her parents? She says that Friar Lawrence instructed her to repent (apologize).
Juliet convinces her mother and the Nurse to leave her so she can pray. However, what she prepare to do when they leave? She prepares to drink the Friar’s poison.
List the fears Juliet has about the Friar’s plan. The mixture will not work, and Juliet will have to marry Paris. The Friar wishes to kill her so no one will find out that he married her and Romeo. She will awaken and suffocate before Romeo comes to save her.She will be driven mad by ghosts and horrible smells and sounds. The ghost of Tybalt will crush her skull with one of her ancestor’s bones.
Define “this knot.” Marriage of Juliet and Paris
Define “spit.” impale
The night before the wedding, the Capulets stay up late to prepare for the banquet. We get a hint about Lord and Lady Capulet’s marriage. According to Lady Capulet, in your own words, why had Lord Capulet stayed up late in the past? Lady Capulet says that, in the past, Lord Capulet stayed up late to carry on with other women.
What does the nurse discover when she goes to wake Juliet on Wednesday morning? Juliet lying on the bed, apparently dead.
What does Lord Capulet compare Juliet’s death to? An untimely frost that lies on Juliet, the sweetest flower of all the fields.
Why can the death of Juliet be compared to this (the frost)? Death is like an early frost that kills blooming flowers, or like Juliet, young girls taken too soon. He admits that she was taken too soon and that he loved her.
Finish this quote: “Ready to go, but never to ____1_____.—O son, the night before they wedding day/Hath ____2____ lain with thy wife. There she lies,/ Flower as she was, ____3____ by him. Death is my ____4____; Death is my ____5____ /. My daughter he hath wedded. I will die./ And leave him all. Life, living, ____6____ is Death’s.” 1: return2: death3: deflowered4: son in law5: heir6: all
What does the Friar tell the mourners in order to comfort them? The Friar tells Juliet’s family and friends that they should not mourn her death. He reminds them that her soul has gained eternal life. In death, she has been raised to a much higher position than if she had married a nobleman.
Friar Lawrence and Capulet speak of preparations for Juliet’s funeral. List five things the family will do to prepare for her burial. Pin a rosemary on her corpse, dress her in her best clothes, prepare food for the burial feast, sound the bells, prepare a funeral procession to follow the corpse to her grave.
What is the dream that Romeo explain’s to Balthasar? In his dream, Juliet finds him dead. She brings him back to life with a kiss.
What does Romeo’s dream mean? Like Romeo interprets it, a joyful image of their love or it suggests Romeo’s death.
Romeo reacts strongly when he hears that Juliet is dead. What does Balthasar fear that Romeo will do? He fears that Romeo will take action too quickly and do something rash that he will later regret.
Why does Romeo believe that the pharmacist will sell poison to him? He believes the pharmacist is miserable and needy, he might be willing to break the law and the sell the poison for a high price.
Define “caitiff.” miserable
Why Friar John could not get to Mantua? He found another Friar to accompany him to Mantua. However, the other friar had been visiting the plague victims, so health officials would not allow him to leave. They believed that Friar John had also been exposed to the disease. Therefore, they quarantined him as well.
Define “pestilence.” plague
How is fate once again seen here when the letter doesn’t make it to Romeo? If the friar would not have been quarantined, he would have been able to deliver the letter to Romeo, if Romeo would have gotten the letter, he would have known the plan.
Who is visiting the tomb where Juliet lies at the beginning of this scene(Act 5 scene iii?) Paris
Finish the quote from Romeo: “Why I descend into this bed of death /Is partly to behold my lady’s face/But chiefly to take thence from her dead finger/ a precious _______ that I must use/In dear employment.” ring
Why does romeo lie to Balthasar? He doesn’t want him to know the real reason he is going there, which is to die beside Juliet.
Before Romeo enters the tomb, he speaks the following lines. Finish the quote: “Thou detestable ____1____, thou womb of ____2____/ Gorged with the dearest ____3____ of the ____4____/ Thus I enforce thy rotten ____5____ to open/ And in despite I’ll ____6____ thee with more ____7____.”(lines 46-48) 1: maw2: death3: morsel4: earth5: jaws6: cram7: food
What is Romeo describing? The tomb and the fact that he will die there as well as Juliet.
How is Romeo feeling about himself when he was fighting with paris in the tomb? These lines show Romeo feels weighed down by responsibility for the terrible events that have occurred. He dreads committing another such sin by harming Paris. The pressure of all this guilt and doubt makes Romeo feel like he’s going mad.
Paris does not listen to Romeo’s plea. Explain what happens when Paris tries to arrest Romeo? Paris threatens to kill Romeo if he doesn’t come with him. At first Romeo does not respond to Paris’ threats and begs him to go away. But Paris persists and challenges him. The two begin to fight, and Romeo kills Paris.
What does Romeo do with Paris’ body? Takes him into the tomb and lays him beside Juliet.
What does Romeo do before drinking the poison? Kisses Juliet.
When Friar Lawrence comes to the tomb, who does he find dead? Romeo and Paris.
What does Friar Lawrence plead for Juliet to do when she wakes up in the tomb? Run away and hide in a convent.
As Juliet kisses Romeo, what does she hope? That some poison still lingers on them.
Finish this quote from juliet: “O, happy ________ /This is thy sheath. There rust, and let me die.” dagger
What does Juliet do after she finds out Romeo is dead? Stabs herself
Friar Lawrence reveals all that has happened to the lovers and how he is involved. List all the characters that are present to hear his confession. Several guards, a page, Balthasar, Prince Escalus, Lord Capulet, Lady Capulet, and Lord Montague.
Why is Lady Montague not present? Lord Montague reports that Lady Montague died earlier that night from grief over Romeo’s exile.
Finish this Prince Escalus quote: “Capulet, Montague,/See what a scourge is laid upon your ____1____ / That heaven finds means to kill your joys with love/And I, for winking at your discords too,/Have lost a brace of kinsman. ____2____ are ____3____.” 1: hate2: all3: punished
What do the fathers do to honor Romeo and Juliet and possibly end the feud? They will put up pure gold statues of Romeo and Juliet.
What are the last two lines of this play? “For never was a story of more woe/Than this of Juliet and her Romeo”
Define “maw.” stomach
Define “be my speed.” help me
Define “is privy.” knows the secret
What is the main theme of Romeo and Juliet? Love
How does Shakespeare use love throughout the story? He uses love in its many guises to thread together the key relationships in the play.
What is an example of fickle love (“puppy love”) in Romeo and Juliet? Romeo is in love with Rosaline at the start of the play, which is presented as an immature infatuation.
How does Shakespeare present romantic love? Shakespeare presents this as a force of nature, so strong that it transcends societal conventions.
What does fire symbolize? overwhelming passion, either love or hate
What do stars symbolize? Fate, doomed love
What does poison symbolize? death, greed, falseness
What do roses symbolize? love and death, juliet
What do masks symbolize? secrecy, putting up a false front

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