Romeo and Juliet Acts 2-3 quote identification

“In one respect I’ll thy assistant be; for this alliance may so happy prove to turn your households’ rancor to pure love.” Friar to RomeoMeaning: I will help you because this marriage can solve your family feud.
“Alas, poor Romeo, he is already dead: stabbed with a white wench’s black eye; run through the ear with a love song.” Mercutio about RomeoMeaning: He is already dead because he fell in love, it will be the death of him.
“Love moderately: long love doth so; too swift arrives as tardy as too slow. Friar LawrenceMeaning: Slow down going to fast into this relationship is just as bad as going to slow.
“I do protest I never injured thee, but love thee better than thou canst devise till thou shalt know the reason of my love.” RomeoMeaning: Tybalt doesn’t know Romeo likes the Capulet’s because he married Juliet. (Dramatic Irony)
“A plague a both your houses!” MercutioMeaning: It foreshadows the terrible price that both houses will have to pay because of the feud.
“That “banished,” that one word “banished,” hath slain ten thousand Tybalts.” JulietMeaning: As if Tybalt’s death wasn’t enough now Romeo is banished, and that’s even worse.
“And she steal love’s sweet bait from fearful hooks.” ChorusMeaning: She’s in love with someone she should fear
“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” JulietMeaning: What does a name mean anyways it’s the same as any other
“I have an interest in your hate’s proceeding. My blood for your rude brawls doth lie a bleeding; but I’ll amerce you with so strong a fine that you shall all repent the loss of mine.” PrinceMeaning: I’m involved in your hatred. Mercutio was a family member of mine, and this feud caused his death.
“There’s no trust, no faith, no honesty in men; all perjured, all forsworn, all naught, all dissemblers.” NurseMeaning: All men are the same don’t stress over Romeo
“Here from Verona art thou banished. Be patient, for the world is broad and wide.” Friar LaurenceMeaning: Verona isn’t the only place in the entire world, the world is huge you may like it outside of here
“I’ll to the friar to know his remedy. If all else, myself have power to die.” JulietMeaning: I will go to the Friar for help if all else fails I might as well just die
“O sweet Juliet, thy beauty hath made me effeminate and temper soft’ned valor’s steel!” RomeoMeaning: Your beauty make me soft inside
“Either thou or I, or both, must go with him.” RomeoMeaning: Either Tybalt must die as Mercutio did or I must die trying
“I’ll give you to my friend; and you be not, hang, beg, starve, die in the streets, for, by my soul, I’ll ne’er acknowledge thee, nor what is mine shall never do thee good.” Lord CapuletMeaning: You do not live a bad life, and I want you to marry this man and you won’t do that.
“Tell me, in what vile part of this anatomy doth my name lodge? Tell me, that I may sack the hateful mansion.” Romeo to FriarMeaning: Romeo threatens to kill himself because of what he has done
“Come, thou day in night; for thou wilt lie upon the wings of night whiter than new snow upon a raven’s back. Come, gentle night; come, loving, black-browed night.” Romeo or Juliet (idkk)Meaning: Night please come ( so he/ she can see each other)

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