Romeo and Juliet: Acts 1-3

Friar says the ‘tears’ are womanish and the ‘wild acts’ denote the unreasonable fury of a beast In act 3, After Romeo attempts to stop himself, what does the Friar call his ‘tears’ and ‘wild acts’?
A ring given to him by Juliet In act 3, What revives Romeo’s comfort?
He agrees to let Paris marry Juliet In scene 4 of act 3, What does Capulet agree to?
Her hearing a lark would mean the sun has risen In act 3, Why does Juliet hope that the bird she hears is a nightingale instead of a lark?
Romeo says “I doubt It not” In act 3, How does Romeo respond when Juliet asks him if they will ever meet again?
Romeo dead in a tomb In scene 5 act 3, What vision of Romeo does Juliet have?
That her father wants her to marry Paris In act 3, What news does Lady Capulet bring to Juliet right as Romeo escapes out the bedroom window?
With rejection and refusal In act 3, How does Juliet respond to her parents when they tell her what they have planned for her?
Capulet responds with anger and disappointment, by saying his ‘fingers itch’, he is implying he could hit Juliet In act 3, How does Capulet respond to Juliet’s refusal and why does he say his ‘fingers itch'”?
Doomed, worthless, and suicidal How does Juliet feel at the close of Act 3?
Tense What is the mood at the start of Act 3?
Romeo loves Juliet and Tybalt is related to Juliet In act 3, Why does Romeo tell Tybalt:’I love thee better than thou canst devise’?
Mercutio doesn’t want Romeo to get hurt while defending him, also for the pride of the family In act 3, Why does Mercutio choose to draw upon and fight Tybalt?
Romeo’s actions anger Tybalt, so then he draws his sword to fight In act 3, How do Romeo’s actions result in Mercutio’s death?
Banishment In act 3, How does the Prince punish Romeo for killing Tybalt?
She is shocked, and believes their is no way Romeo could do such a thing In act 3, What is Juliet’s first response upon hearing that Romeo had killed Tybalt?
She begins to defend him In scene 2 act 3, How do Juliet’s thoughts about Romeo change over the course of this scene?
A ring In act 3, What does Juliet give the nurse to deliver to Romeo?
Her commitment to her In act 3, the ring Juliet gave Romeo symbolizes what?
Immaturely In act 3, How does Romeo take the news of his banishment?
It is Hell In act 3, What does Romeo say about the world beyond the walls of Verona?
He tells him to be grateful he is alive In act 3, How does the Friar respond to Romeo’s despair?
Philosophy In act 3, What does the Friar offer to Romeo that he calls ‘adversity’s sweet milk’?
Romeo says he does not want it unless it can make a Juliet In act 3, What does Romeo say in response to the Friar’s offering of philosophy?
A priest What type of character is Friar Lawrence?
He critisizes Romeo at first, but eventually agrees to marry them In act 2, How does the Friar respond to Romeo after finding out about his newfound ‘love’ for Juliet?
He believes it would end the feud between the two families In act 2, Why does the Friar agree to marry Romeo and Juliet?
That he has challenged Romeo In scene 4 of act 2, What news about Tybalt do Benvolio and Mercutio share at the beginning of this scene?
A skilled, quick one What type of swordsman is Tybalt?
Sarcastically In scene 4 of act 2, How does Mercutio interest with Romeo during most of this scene?
Romeo, to give him a message from Juliet In scene 4 of act 2, Who is the nurse looking for and why?
Do not deceive her In act 2, What is the Nurse’s warning to Romeo?
Anxious In act 2, How does Juliet feel while she’s waiting for the Nurse to return?
She stalls In act 2, What is Juliet so irritated when the Nurse finally returns?
He marry’s Romeo and Juliet In act 2 scene 6, What happens in the Friar’s chamber during this scene?
Moderately In act 2, In what way does the Friar advise Romeo to love Juliet?
To summarize act 1, introduce act 2 What is the point of the chorus’ lines at the beginning of act 2?
Love What does the chorus say gives Romeo and Juliet ‘power’?
To visit Juliet, Juliet’s garden In act 2, Where does Romeo go after the party ends?
Home to bed or to visit Rosaline In act 2, Where do Romeo’s friends believe he has gone?
To seek for Romeo In act 2, What does Benvolio say would be ‘in vain’ to do?
So he would be able to touch Juliet’s cheek In act 2, Why does Romeo wish he were a glove?
The moon changes In act 2, Why does Juliet not want Romeo to swear by the moon?
Marriage In act 2, What ‘satisfaction’ does Romeo want out of this late night encounter with Juliet?
9:00 In act 2, What time do they agree to call upon one another in the morning
To get married In act 2, What are Romeo and Juliet’s plans?
Gardening In act 2, What is Friar Lawrence doing when Romeo calls on him early in the morning?
That he had never seen true beauty until he saw her In act 1, What does Romeo say about Juliet when he first sees her from across the room?
Kill him In act 1, What does Tybalt want to do when he hears that Romeo has crashed the party?
He knows they would be killed, by order of the Prince In act 1, Why does Capulet refuse to allow Tybalt to kill Romeo?
He takes Juliet’s hand and asks to kiss her In act 1, What does Romeo do when he approaches Juliet and speaks to her?
She counters all he says, but eventually kisses him In act 1, How does Juliet respond to Romeo’s advances?
Conflicted In act 1, How does Juliet feel after she finds out who Romeo is?
Sonnet What poetic form does the chorus use to introduce the story?
Capulet and Montague What are the names of the two families?
The Montague’s Which family does Benvolio belong to?
The Capulets Which family does Tybalt belong to?
Montague Romeo is a _______________________
Capulet Juliet is a _______________________
Death In act 1, What does the Prince threaten the families with to keep them from disturbing the peace?
An emotional teenager What type of character is Romeo?
A kinsman to the Prince and he wants to marry Juliet Who is Paris and what does he want?
He assembles a masquarade at his home In act 1, What does Capulet do to try to give Paris an opportunity to get what he wants?
They try to convince her to marry In act 1, What does Lady Capulet and the Nurse try to convince Juliet to do?
A young independent smart innocent girl What type of character is Juliet?
So he can meet other girls In act 1, Why do Mercutio and Benvolio want Romeo to attend the masquerade?
So that he can fair his chances with Rosaline In act 1, Why does Romeo want to attend the masquerade?
That he will die early in life In act 1, What type of dream does Romeo have the night before the party?

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