Romeo and Juliet Act V Scene III

Paris is laying flowers by Juliet’s grave Why is Paris at Juliet’s grave?
He wants Juliet’s ring and to see her face Romeo gives Balthazar two reasons for entering the Capulet’s tomb. What are these reasons?
He calls it dark and deathly What examples of personification exist in Romeo’s description of the tomb?
He thinks Romeo is a grave robber Why does Paris think Romeo has come to the tomb?
Paris has a deep love for Juliet Why does Paris feel justified in his decision to slay Romeo?
He tells Paris he is desperate What does Romeo say to try and persuade Paris to leave?
Romeo kills him What happens when Paris refuses to leave?
Juliet’s body is not pale What is it about Juliet that should have told Romeo she was not dead?
He tells Juliet to go to Romeo What does Friar Laurence urge Juliet to do when she awakens?
He feels bad luck will approach him if he stays Why doesn’t Friar Laurence stay in the tomb with Juliet after she awakens?
There is poison on his lips and she hopes she will die too Why does Juliet kiss Romeo after he is dead?
She stabs herself with Romeo’s sword How does Juliet succeed in taking her own life?
He tells them that his wife is dead When Montague first arrives on the scene, what does he tell those gathered?
She has died of a broken heart What do you learn about Lady Montague in this scene?
Romeo was supposed to receive a letter from Friar John, but he arrived at Juliet’s tomb first and killed himself. Juliet killed herself soon after Relate the events that lead to Romeo and Juliet’s deaths as they are told by Friar Laurence.
It told him that Juliet was not dead What information does Romeo’s letter give?
He means that both Montague and Capulet should be ashamed of themselves Explain the meaning of the Prince’s statements in Lines 294-295.
They will put aside their feud How do Lord Montague and Lord Capulet plan to honor the memories of their children?

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