Romeo and Juliet—–Act V

How does Romeo’s dream, which he describes in his opening speech, compare with the news brought to him by Balthasar? He had a dream that his lady would find him dead. Balthasar comes to Romeo to tell him Juliet is dead.
How does Romeo convince the apothecary to sell him poison? He tells the old man that he’s poor and hungry.
What’s exact line that shows that the apothecary agrees to sell Romeo the poison (v.1.75) My poverty, but not my will consents.
What does he plan to do with the poison? kill himself so he can be with Juliet
What does the speed with which Romeo immediately makes his drastic plans tell you about his character? He’s extremely in love and loyal to his companion. He’s very hasty. His decisions are impulsive and stupid.
How was Friar John prevented from going to Mantua to deliver Friar Lawrence’s letter? Friar John was quarantined because the town health officials thought he had the plague. quarantine–solution
Why does Friar Lawrence feel he must go quickly to Juliet in the tomb? He has to go get Juliet because he knows that Romeo could get word of Juliet’s “death.” Romeo doesn’t know about their plans.
Why does Paris come to Juliet’s burial place? to leave flowers for Juliet (sign of love)
What is the real reason for Romeo sending Balthasar away from the tomb? so he won’t see Romeo kill himself (dramatic irony)
Why does Paris think Romeo has come to the tomb? to commit crimes to the dead bodies
What happens when Romeo and Paris meet? Paris says he’s going to arrest him and they fight
After Romeo drags Paris into the tomb., he gazes at Juliet. What does he ironically notice about her appearance? (v, iii, 94-95) beauty’s ensign yet is crimson in thy lips and in thy cheeks, and death’s pale flag is not advanced there. (v. iii.93) Hath had no power yet upon they beauty
Romeo enters the tomb and sees Juliet. He takes the poison, and no sooner does Romeo die, than Friar Lawrence comes along–but too late. What does he find when he enters the tomb? He finds blood near the entrance and then sees Romeo and Paris dead and Juliet starting to wake.
When Juliet awakens, what does the Friar want her to do? He wants her to come to the tomb. He’ll place her among the sisterhood of holy nuns.
Why does Juliet kiss Romeo? She thinks there is poison on his lips so she can die with him.
How does Juliet kill herself? She stabs herself with Romeo’s dagger and dies (Body is a sheath)
What causes Lady Montague’s death? She died from grief over Romeo’s banishment
What does Friar Lawrence say about the deaths of Romeo, Juliet, and Paris? He tells everyone that Romeo and Juliet were married and he married them. He tells them every single thing he knows. He will take the most severe punishment and have his life be sacrificed. They still find Friar as a holy man.
What does the Prince mean when he says that “all are punish’d ” in Line 295? because of the hatred between Capulets and Montagues, Romeo and Juliet are dead. Everyone has paid the ultimate price.
At the conclusion of the play, what happens between Capulet and Montague? They end their feud and realize they’re the reason Juliet and Romeo are dead. They’ll build golden statues in remembrance of Romeo and Juliet.
foreshadowing (v.i.6) I dreamt my lady came and found me dead. (dramatic irony)
personification (v.i.3) My bosom’s lord sits lightly in his throne.
metaphor (v. i. 83) I sell thee poison; thou hast sold me none.
apostrophe (v. i. 24) Is it even so? Then I defy you stars!
dramatic irony (v. iii. 94-95) Thou art not conquered; beauty’s ensign yet is crimson in thy lips and in thy cheeks.
hyperbole (v. ii. 2) unhappy fortune

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