Romeo and Juliet Act V

In the opening pages, why is Romeo in a good mood? Romeo had a dream that Juliet found him dead and she kissed him back to life.
Which person is Romeo most concerned about in his questions to his servant, Balthasar? Romeo is most concerned about Juliet, though he does ask about his family.
What does Romeo learn from Balthasar? Juliet is dead and she’s sleeping in the Capulets’ burial vault.
What is an apothecary? One who prepares and sells drugs and medications.
What type of reputation did an apothecary have during the Renaissance? Apothecaries were shady.
What is the law for selling poison? When the seller sells the poison, they die because selling drugs is illegal.
What motivates the apothecary to sell Romeo the poison? The apothecary is impoverished; he needs Romeo’s money.
Where does Romeo plan to go at the end of Scene i? Romeo plans to go to Juliet’s grave.
Summarize the reason why Friar John couldn’t deliver his news to Romeo?. Friar John wanted help from another friar, but that friar was helping plague victims and neither of them were allowed to leave the contaminated area.
In the beginning of Scene iii, we see Paris at Juliet’s tomb. Why is he there? What did he bring? Paris is mourning the loss of his almost-wife. He brought her flowers.
What does Romeo bring to Juliet’s tomb? Romeo brings a pickax and a crowbar
What does Paris ask the Page to do? How does the page feel about this? Paris asks the page to keep watch. The page isn’t too sure about it.
What different motives do Paris and Romeo have for visiting Juliet’s grave? Paris wants to mourn, Romeo is feeling destructive and wants to die.
Why is Paris furious when he sees Romeo in the cemetery? Romeo is a Montague who was banished for killing a Capulet. Paris is blaming Romeo for Juliet’s death because he believes that Juliet died of grief over Tybalt’s death.
What inaccurate information does Paris have that makes him so angry at Romeo? Romeo is married to Juliet-she did not die mourning Tybalt.
What happens to Paris at Juliet’s tomb? Paris dies, he wants to be buried with Juliet.
Romeo observes that “death’s pale flag is not yet advance” in Juliet’s face. Why is this? Juliet isn’t actually dead.
How is Friar Lawrence’s late arrival another example of chance contributing to this tragedy? If Friar Lawrence showed up earlier, he could’ve explained the situation to Romeo.
What does the Friar discover when he enters the vault? Everyone is dead except for Juliet.
What explanation does the Friar give to Juliet for what has happened? Friar blames this on God.
Why do the watchmen search the churchyard? There are 3 dead bodies-they need to find a witness.
How did Romeo’s exile affect his mother? Lady Montague died of grief.
Interpret the Friar’s words. Friar takes the blame for the situation.
What punishment does the Friar suggest if he is deemed responsible? Friar suggests death if he is found guilty.
How does the relationship of the feuding families change at the end of the play? The feud is over.

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