Romeo and Juliet (act two)

What happens to Romeo when they are leaving the Capulet party Jumped out of the car and is climbing over Capulet orchard wall
Why doesn’t Romeo come out when Mercutio and Benvolio are calling him Mercutio is making fun of him and Romeo wants to go see Julia
When Romeo is standing Benisse Juliet’s balcony what does he learned about her feelings for him Juliet wishes the last names would not come between their love
How would you describe Romeos tone in the balcony scene He has reckless he would rather die trying to get to her then otherwise
What are Romeo’s intentions and his long speech to Juliet Romeo wants to love her and die trying to then not
what might happen if Romeo follow through on those intentions He might die
Why is Juliet afraid of having Romeo swear by the moon Because the moon is always changing she doesn’t want his love to be changing
Romeos quick with his valves and promises why is Juliet become fearful and cautious Romeo is going to fast because they just met
What terrible event but Juliet word for shadow Their love might kill them
When Romeo tells the fryer, does he approve He tells Romeo that he loves Juliet’s looks and not her he could see the want for Rosalee he doesn’t think Romeo knows love
Why does the fryer agreed to helping the young couple He thinks if they get married it will end their family feud
Why is Tybalt looking for Romeo He wants to challenge Romeo to a duel because he was just respected that Romeo came to their party uninvited
What warning does the nurse give Romeo and why do you think she does so To not mislead Juliet because they are both young and will get hurt

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