Romeo and Juliet Act Two

To whom does Romeo refer in scene 2 when he says, “He jests at scars that never felt a wound”? What does this remark mean? He refers to Mercutio. This means that Mercutio shouldn’t make fun of him because he doesn’t know what he’s feeling, and can’t relate.
Scene 2 takes place in the Capulets orchard late at night after the party. In what two ways does darkness influence what happens in the scene? One way darkness influenced what happened in this science is they both are willing to abandon there last name to be together no matter the danger, another way is that if Romeo is caught he’ll be killed and they both realize that. It kept him hidden from Juliet and Capulets.
Which lover uses images of light in the balcony scene? Romeo uses images of light, Juliet is the light, the sun.
Which one uses images of flowers and birds in the balcony scene? Juliet uses images of flowers and birds to say their last name is meaningless, it’s not who they are.
Lines in which they express their feelings for each through these images are… “Retain that dear perfection which he owes without that title.” (Line 46-47) “To twinkle in their spheres till they return.” (Line 17) scene 2.
In what ways does Juliet exhibit more common sense and practicality than Romeo? Because she tells Romeo that they need to think about this because they just met each other three hours ago and they shouldn’t be so rash.
Why is Friar surprised at Romeo’s confession of a new love? Because Romeo was just in love with Rosaline and upset when he couldn’t have her and then he just goes off and finds another love.
Why does Friar consent to marry Romeo and Juliet? Because it might end this feud that’s been going on for centuries.
Although Mercutio teases Romeo in scene 4, he is actually worried about him, why? Because Tybalt challenged Romeo to a duel to the death. Tybalts also really good at fencing so that’s worrisome for Romeo.
Is the nurse finding fault in Romeo or praising him? The nurse praises Romeo.
is the nurse really tired when she enters or is she just teasing Juliet? She is teasing Juliet because she’s like her second mom. She’s teasing her because she’s pretty much saying good bye to Juliet because she’s marrying someone she’s not suppose to and will have to run away and hide.
What concern does the Friar express in Scene 6 about the relationship of Romeo and Juliet? His concern is that they barley know each other so he’s worried their love won’t last, like the sweetness of honey.

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