romeo and juliet act one vocab words

quarrel an angry argument or disagreement, synonym: argument antonym: agreement
profaners those who show disrespect or contempt synonym: unbelievable antonym: optimist
pernicious having a harmful effect, especially in a gradual or subtle way synonym: harmful antonym: beneficial
adversary (n.) an enemy, opponentSYNONYMS: antagonist, rival, foeANTONYMS: friend, ally, supporter, confederate
augmenting increasing; enlarging synonym: expand antonym: decreasing
importuned questioned deeply synonym: call on antonym: opportun
propagate reproduce, spread, increase synonym: communicate antonym: decrease, abstinence
siege the surrounding of a place in order to force it to surrender synonym: blockade antonym: to surrender
marred damaged; disfigured synonym: misshaped antonym: improve
languish to become weak or feeble; to lose strength synonym: weaken antonym: strong
margent margin synonym: edge of something antonym: center
prolixity boring verbosity synonym: wordiness antonym: briefness
solemnity the state or quality of being serious and dignified synonym: earnest antonym: frivolousness
portly stout synonym: fat, short antonym: tall, thin
mutiny rebellion synonym: outbreak antonym: obedience
gall bold, impudent behavior synonym: feud antonym: civility
perforce necessity synonym: needed antonym: unnecessary
begot produced; fathered synonym: birthed antonym: destroy
vanity feelings of excessive pride synonym: self-worship antonym: modesty
partisans a strong supporter of a party, cause, or person synonym: biased antonym:

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