Romeo and Juliet act one

Sunday morning, July When does the play being?
Capulet servants Who are Sampson and Gregory?
Sarcasm, joking, puns What kind of humor is used in the conversation between Sampson and Gregory?
Montague servants Who are Abraham and Balthazar?
Thumbing your nose A rude gesture
Didn’t want to get into trouble Why won’t Sampson admit that he thumbed his nose at Abraham and Gregory
Benvolio Who rushes in and tries to keep the peace?
peace-maker What does “Benvolio” mean?
Tybalt Who comes in and makes the fight more heated?
Instigator Tybalt is an _______
Prince Escalus Prince of Verona
three How many times have the fights disrupted the peace?
death The new “price” to be paid after fighting
Benvolio Who tells the Montague’s about the fight?
Romeo Who is Lady Montague relieved was not involved in the fight?
depressed Romeo is ______
Oxymoron Figure of speech that combine opposite or contradictory terms in a brief phrase (ex. loving hate, heavy lightness)
Paradox Statement that seems contradictory but reveals a kind of truth
Allusion Reference to someone or something that is known from history (She’s a liar, she’ll be lucky if her nose doesn’t start growing.)
nun, refuses to marry/love Why can’t Romeo have Rosaline?
forget her, look at other women What advice does Benvilio give to Romeo?
Under the death sentence Why does Capulet think they wont have any trouble keeping the peace?
To marry Juliet What request has Paris made of Lord Capulet?
She is too young How has Capulet responded to Paris?
only child left Why is Juliet “all the world” to her father?
look at other girls What does Capulet advise Paris to do?
Capulet’s party What event do we find out will be taking place that night?
Invite guests to the party What does Capulet order his servant to do?
Servant can’t read Why is the servant finding it hard to invite people to the party?
Romeo Who reads the list of guests to the party?
Capulet’s niece How is Rosaline related to Capulets?
To look at other women Why does Benvolio want Romeo to go to the party?
Gets mad and defensive How does Romeo react when Benvolio says Rosaline is not that pretty?
obedient, respectful Juliet is ___
Susan Nurse’s dead daughter is ___
inappropriate, loud, and talkative The nurse is ___
marriage Lady Capulet and the nurse talk to Juilet about _____
thought about marriage Juliet hasnt_____
Perfect the nurse and Lady Capulet think Paris is ____
Look at him and consider it Juliet will____ to paris
Selfish and greedy Lady Capulet is _____
Tired, doesn’t know how to dance Romeo says he is ____ to try to not go to the dance
wear masks How will the Montague’s get into their enemies party?
Joker, funny Mercutio is _____
Queen Mab ___ is a small fairy that causes dreams
Foreshadowing the hints or clues to suggest what will happen later in the plot
Energetic, good What kind of host is Lord Capulet?
love at first sight How does Romeo react when he first sees Juliet at the party?
Tybalt; kill Who recognizes Romeo from his voice? (name) wants to ____ Romeo
Doesn’t want to ruin the party, Romeo hasn’t done anything wrong, Romeo has a good reputation Why doesn’t Capulet throw Romeo out of the party?
the nurse Who helps both Romeo and Juliet find out who each other where

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