Romeo and Juliet Act IV Plot Review

How does Paris feel about the wedding plan? Paris is happy
How does Juliet respond the the wedding plan? Juliet rushes to the Priest and asks for help or at least permission to commit suicide.
What does the Friar suggest? The Friar comes up with a desparate plan to fake Juliet’s death and smuggle her to Mantua.
Is Juliet confident about the potion? No. She is afraid that it is poison, or that it won’t work and she’ll still have to marry, that she’ll wake early and suffocate, she’ll see ghosts, or that she’ll go mad.
Who finds Juliet “dead”? The Nurse
Why does Peter want the musicians to play music? He is sad and doesn’t think about how inappropriate the music would be.
Why does the Friar push the family to bury Juliet immediately? He needs to make sure no one stays close enough to the body to tell that she isn’t actually dead.
When are Paris and Juliet to meet again? For what purpose? Thursday morning- to get married
What does Juliet tell her father she has been doing? Gone to Friar Lawrence for confession
How do the plans change in scene 2? Juliet agrees to marry Paris. Changing the wedding day to tomorrow. Has to send the letter to Romeo and Romeo will end up getting it late. People will think Juliet is dead instead of Romeo.
What is Juliet’s “back-up” plan if the potion does not work? Juliet will kill herself.
What is happening in scene 4? Getting prepared for the wedding.
Explain the duel level of irony in Friar’s line, “Come, is the bride ready to go to church”? She was supposed to get married at church, but now they are going to have a funeral at church.This is DRAMATIC IRONY.
What does Friar encourage Capulet to do with Juliet? To be happy- Juliet finally i heaven better off that way.
The end of scene 5 designed to provide comic relief? Why do you think Shakespeare closed the act this way? Peter and the musicians are having a verbal argument. Many puns involved. This humor to get away from the fact Juliet is dead.
What is Peter’s argument with musicians about? Peter was too sad so he asked the musicians to play happy music instead of leaving and the musicians started to say that he was being inappropriate of playing a happy song for a funeral.

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