Romeo and Juliet Act IV and V

How does Paris feel about the wedding plan? Paris is happy to oblige Capulet when he suggests the hurried plan and makes arrangements with the Friar for the wedding.
How does Juliet respond the the wedding plan? Juliet rushes to the Priest and asks for help or at least permission to commit suicide.
What does the Friar suggest? The Friar comes up with a desparate plan to fake Juliet’s death and smuggle her to Mantua.
Is Juliet confident about the poison? No. She is afraid that it is poison, or that it won’t work and she’ll still have to marry, that she’ll wake early and suffocate, she’ll see ghosts, or that she’ll go mad.
Who finds Juliet “dead”? The Nurse finds her when she goes to wake her up.
Why does Peter want the musicians to play music? He is sad and doesn’t think about how inappropriate the music would be.
Why does the Friar push the family to bury Juliet immediately? He needs to make sure no one stays close enough to the body to tell that she isn’t actually dead.
Who is sent with a message to Romeo? Friar John is sent.
Why doesn’t Romeo get the correct message? Friar John is caught in a quarantine and can’t get the message out.
What “vision” motivates Juliet to drink the poison? She sees the ghost of Tybalt looking for Romeo.
What is Romeo’s “vision”? Romeo sees himself dead and Juliet bringing him back to life with a kiss.
When does the Friar find out that Romeo didn’t get the message? Friar John gets back to tell him late on Wednesday evening.
Who tells Romeo about Juliet’s death? Balthasar, Romeo’s personal servant tells him.
How does Romeo get poison? He bribes a poor starving apothacary with 40 gold coins.
Why is Paris at the churchyard cemetery? He is bringing perfume and flowers to lay on Juliet’s tomb.
Who calls for help and brings the watch? Paris’ servant runs to get help.
Why does Paris attack Romeo? He believes that he is the murderer of Tybalt and is planning to desecrate the grave.
What excuse did Romeo give to Balthasar for breaking into the tomb? He wanted to see Juliet’s face and get a ring from her finger.
What is Paris’ dying request? He wants to be buried in the tomb with Juliet.
How does Romeo kill himself? He drinks poison.
What takes the Friar so long to get there? He keeps tripping over graves in the dark.
What is the Friar’s plan for Juliet now that Romeo and Paris are both dead? He will take her to a nunnery.
How does Juliet kill herself? She stabs herself with Romeo’s knife.
Does the Friar get away? No, he is caught and confesses what has happened.
What evidence supports the Friar’s story? Romeo’s letter of confession to his father and the Nurse’s knowledge of the wedding give the same story.
Who does the Prince blame? He blames the families for their feuding and also himself for letting it go on.
What is Capulet’s wedding gift? He asks for Montague’s hand in forgiveness.
Along with the bodies at the tomb, who else died? Lady Montague died of grief because Romeo was banished.
What is Montague’s gesture of forgiveness and penitance? He is going to build a gold statue of Juliet.
According to the Prince, why did all these people die? Heaven (God) arranged their deaths as a scourge or punishment for himself and the Capulet and Montague families.

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