Romeo and Juliet act IV and V

why is Juliet at the Friars cell in the beginning of act IV? to find a solution to problem
why is Paris at the Friars cell in the beginning of act IV? to plan the wedding with juliet
what are some things Juliet would rather do then marry paris? jump off a building, hang with snakes, become a thief, chained to bears, stay with decomposed bodies, hide under someone dead
what is the friars plan? juliet will drink a vilefriar John will tell romeo she’s not really dead and to come to the tombcapulets will burry her in a tombFriar/Romeo will be waiting for her to wakeRomeo will take her to mantua
how long will juliet remain dead? 42 hours
whats a complication in scene 2? lord capulet moved wedding to Wednesday
what is ironic about juliets wedding dress? she’s picking it not to “begin” her life but to “end” her life
who gives a soliloquy in act IV scene 3? Juliet
what does Juliets soliloquy tell? examining conscience and making a decision
what are some things juliet is worried about? potion doesn’t work, poisoned, suffocate, haunted by ghost, wakes up early, plays with dead bodies, god insane and bash out her brain
what worry about the vile gets Juliet out of the bad ideas? Tybalt seeking revenge on romeo
what are the good things of the vile? friar is good and won’t kill her and Romeo is her husband and doesn’t want the ghost of tybalt to kill him
what is the role of scene 4 in act IV? good natured scene before scene 5
what is an example of dramatic irony in act IV scene 5? Juliet isn’t really dead
who personifies death in act IV? Lord Capulet
what does lord capulet say about death in terms of Juliet? its his son-in-law
why is a funny scene put with a sad scene in scene 5 act IV? to lighten up the mood and to show what the play could have been
what is romeos dream in the beginning of act V? juliet finds him dead, kisses him and brings him act to life
what is romeos dream foreshadowing? their deaths
what is a complication in Act V scene 1? bathlasar tells romeo that juliet is dead
who goes agaist fate? romeo
what is a poor farmasists? apothecary
what is the penalty to selling poison? death
what is the biggest poison in the world? money
why didn’t Friar John give note to Romeo? he had been in contact with plague and couldn’t leave
what is a complication in Act V scene 2? Friar John never gave romeo the note
what will paris’s servant do when someone approaches? whistle
what is an example of personification in act V scene 3? romeo says the tomb is a mouth and it needs to be filled with food
what does romeo use agaist apothecary? poverty
who says a soliloquy in act V scene 3? Romeo
what does romeos soliloquy revel? reveals his character
who kills paris? romeo
what is Paris last wish? to lay next to Juliet
what is the beginning of the climax? romeos death
what is the end of the climax? juliets death
how did juliet die? romeos dagger
how did romeo die? drank poison
what does Lord capulet give lord montage? juliets inheritance
what does lord montage give lord capulet? gold staue of juliet
a dagger is mentioned 4 times name all the times romeo threatens to kill himself juliet threatens to kill herselfjuliet places dagger in the side of bedjuliet kills herself with dagger
name 2 examples of personification in act V the tomb is a mouth death is juliets mistras
name 2 examples of personification in act IV Lord capulet calls death his son in law
what is the plot line of scene IV? falling action
what is the plot line of act V? climax and resolution
why is paris at the cemetery? to mourn over juliet
who are all the dead people at the end? tybalt, mercutio, paris, romeo, juliet, Lady Montage
who is in quarantine? Friar John
who is poor? apothecary
who is anti-fate? romeo
who is late? Friar Laurance
who is the punisher? prince
who is the informer? balthasar
how has Lord capulet changed from act III to act IV? he is sad for Juliet deaths unlike before he was treating her as property and didn’t care about her
who finds juliet dead? nurse
how does Juliet appear that the friar said she would? she’s stiff, cold, no heart beat, appears dead
How does romeo let everyone know he’s in an irrational state? he kills paris and threaten to kill balthasar

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