Romeo and Juliet Act III Vocabulary

discord -s Benvolio comments that the day is so hot it may cause people to lose their tempers, resulting in great strife and civil _______________.
discord -d n. lack of agreement, tension, strife, contention, dissension
dexterous -s Tybalt is an excellent swordsman and is considered by the people of Verona as agile and___________.
dexterous adj. – skillful and active with the hands, manually skillful, handy; n. skill or cleverness in using the hands or the body
feint -sentence The fatal blow that killed Mercutio may have been meant by Tybalt as a simple ___________, but because Romeo comes between the two men, Tybalt’s sword thrust unexpectedly kills Mercutio.
feint n. a false appearance, a fake punch to occupy defenses allowing a real blow, a trick
calamities – sentence Juliet is stunned by the news of two great ________________, the tragic death of her cousin Tybalt and the Prince’s sudden banishment of Romeo.
calamity n. a serious event causeing distress or misfortune, cataclysm, catastrophe
beguiled – sentence When Juliet learns that Romeo has killed Tybalt, she fears that Romeo is heartless and has ___________ her into loving him.
beguile To deceive; to charm; to enchant
dissemble – sentence The Nurse tells Juliet that all men lie and ____________
dissemble v. to disguise, pretend, to disguise the truth, give false appearance,
submissive Both the Montagues and the Capulets are _______________ to the Prince’s will in his decision to banish Romeo.
submissive adj. yielding or surrendering oneself to the will of another; pliant, compliant, amenable, obedient
perjury When Romeo draws a dagger and tells the Friar he will kill himself, the Friar says that, in doing so, Romeo will commit ______________ because he swore his love for Juliet.
perjury n. false testimony under oath, bearing false witness, lying under oath
ascend The Friar advises Romeo to _______________ to Juliet’s room upstairs and stay and comfort her until just before dawn, when he must leave for Mantua.
ascend v. to move upward, to rise from a lower station, climb, advance
vexation Juliet’s father experiences great __________ and frustration because she refuses to marry Paris.
vexation n. discomfort or distress; annoyance, nuisance, irritation

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