Romeo and Juliet Act iii Scene V questions

Why do Romeo and Juliet discuss the nightingale and the lark? To determine what time of day it is.
Who is more practical and realistic in this scene, Romeo or Juliet? Why?
Who is more optimistic about the future? Romeo
Find an example of foreshadowing in this scene. Juliet saying she will find Romeo dead in the bottom of the tomb.
Why does Lady Capulet think Juliet is crying? She is mourning Tybalt’s death.
In what ways does Juliet mislead her mother? Crying, she says that she can’t wait to see Romeo dead.
What would Lady Capulet like to do to Romeo? Poison his drink.
How does Lord Capulet threaten Juliet if she does not marry Paris? He says he will kick her out.
Why does the Nurse tell Juliet to marry Paris? Since Romeo is exiled, she should move on and start a new life with Paris.
How does this change the relationship between Juliet and the Nurse? She doesn’t trust her.

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