Romeo and Juliet Act III, IV, V

Why does Mercutio draw his sword against Tybalt so quickly? Mercutio is very impulsive, they were both just looking for a reason to fight, and this explains how rash the two are.
Why does Romeo kill Tybalt, especially considering that just a few minutes earlier he was trying to keep the peace? He killed Mercutio and it was almost a macho defense
What punishment for Romeo does the prince decree? He banishes Romeo from Verona, but allows him to live
What is Juliet’s initial reaction to the news that Romeo has killed Tybalt? How and why does her reaction change later? She curses Romeo; she takes it back because if Tybalt wouldn’t have died, Romeo might have
What is Friar Lawrence’s reaction to Romeo’s drama? What is his plan for dealing with this situation? He wants Romeo to get over it and think about it as good news since the prince didn’t sentence him death. He gives Romeo and Juliet another night together before he has to leave
Why might Capulet have changed his mind about Juliet’s right to consent to the match with Paris? He feels Juliet will be happier and get over the mourning period if she gets married to Paris
What is the nurse’s advice to Juliet about what to do about Paris’ suit? Why do you think she believes this to be the best course of action? She believes Paris is a better match and Romeo is as good as dead now
What explanation does Paris give the friar for the haste with which he wants to marry Juliet? To try to calm down the mourning of Juliet. Paris and Capulet both agree it would be best to marry her as soon as possible
Summarize Juliet’s monologue at 4.1.50-67 She tells the Friar that if he cannot come up with a plant for Juliet and Romeo to be together and avoid the marriage with Paris, she will kill herself
What is Friar’s plan? He will get Juliet a potion that will make her look dead for 42 hours. Her family will bring her to the tomb and Romeo will come to save her when she wakes up. They will escape together
What are Juliet’s fears as she prepares to take the potion? Waking up before Romeo comes to save her, suffocating in the tomb, dying before Romeo comes, being surrounded by death and darkness, the potion actually being poison, the potion not working and having to marry Paris
Why is Friar John unable to send Friar Lawrence’s message to Romeo? He was delayed because of an unfortunate misunderstanding (somebody thought he had the plague).
What does Friar Lawrence decide to do when he hears Romeo has not received his message? He gets a bad feeling about the situation and ends up going to the Capulet tomb to wake Juliet himself.
Why is Paris at the graveyard when Romeo arrives? He is there to visit Juliet’s grave and to pay his respects to her. When he is there he scatters flowers over her grave.
Why does Romeo kill Paris? Does this act change your interpretation of Romeo’s character? Paris tries to arrest Romeo because he believes he is there to harm the Capulets. No, because it is still apparent that he would do absolutely anything just to be in the presence of Juliet.
The role of random fate in our lives Romeo falling in love with the enemySearching for Rosaline in Juliet’s houseIlliterate servant needing Romeo to read the invitationConfusion of Romeo having the plague and preventing the message getting to himCapulet decides to force Juliet to marry ParisCapulet’s good nature at the partyParis’ decision to go to the tombFriar Lawrence’s late arrival at the tomb
Rash, passionate action Fighting in Act I and Act IIIRomeo killing ParisRomeo quickly taking the potionJuliet’s quick suicideRomeo and Juliet’s quick falling in love with each otherCapulet’s decision to force Juliet to marry ParisRomeo’s trespassingRomeo’s quick end of love with RosalineJuliet’s suicide threat with Friar

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