Romeo and Juliet Act III and IV

Dramatic irony when the reader or audience knows more info than some of the characters in the plot
Major flaw Haste
What are the main foreshadowing ideas Romeo and Juliet are star crossed(doom)Princes law/decreedPotenial marriage to paristybalt revenge
What is the climax of Romeo and Juliet Act III scene I
What is Romeo’s mood in Act III scene I and what “embarrassing” action does he make Happy because He just married Juliet; doesn’t fight Tybalt because they are family and because of His mood
Why does Mercutio fight Tybalt Because Romeo is being a coward, loves His friends, and to protect the montague name
What changes do we see in Romeo during the fight First He tried to stop the fight whcih cause Mercutio to die. The lover become the murderer
What is the first tragedy in the play The death of Mercutio and Tybalt
The price arrives on the scene and what happens. Explain He changes the law: romeo will not die but instead will be banished from verona. If romeo is found he’s dead.
What are some possible reasons from the prince changing the law Romeo killed the murderer who killed the kinsmin to the prince
After the climax what is there a change in Change in events and mood
How is juliet now conflicted Cousin diedParents don’t know about Romeo and JulietRomeo is banishedCan’t see romeoHow could I fall for a beautiful murderer
Juliet’s speech of oxymoron/contradiction Serpent/flower (romeo is pretty on outside but is He evil)Dragon/fair cave (dragon (messy) in nice house)Beautiful/ tyrant. (Mean rule thats pretty)Fiend/angelical ( demon angelical)”White” /raven (white black)Wolf/lamb (calm and eats it)Despised/diviest (hate and perfect)Damned /saint (live in heaven damned to hell)Honorable/villian (hero v villain)Nature/hell (pretty v fire)Fiend/Sweet flesh and paradise (heaven and pretty v evilMortal paradise (heaven v moral on earthVile/fair (terible v looks pretty book wise)Deceit /gorgous(tricky you but they pretty)
How does romeo react to friar’s news Banishment: terribleDeath is better, doesn’t want to hear banishment, banishment is torture, can’t see juliet, slow death, childish, uggg you don’t understand friar ????????
Romeo’s blessings Juliet is aliveYour aliveExile not death
Friar’s plan Go see julietLeave in the morning for mantuaFriar will announce the marriageReconcile the familiesBeg pardon of princeBring romeo back to verona
Why might this be a bad plan Frair will announce the marriage (maybe not GOOD (capulets might not like))Beg pardon of prince (prince may not let him back and changing law 2x will make him look weak/favorism)
In Act III scene IV and V what change do we see overall We see different parts of each character
What news does Juliet learn in Act III scene IV and what is her reaction Your marring ParisWhat! No im definateIf you don’t im disowning you
Why doesnt Juliet just leave
Does juliet ever confess about Romeo. How has she or not? No but she does you double meaning
How does the nurse betray Juliet and what does juliet decide Marry paris because your marriage with romeo is dead and romeo is nothing Old Testament paris. I don’t trust you let me go to friar
What is the reason for the quick marriage Because juliet is sad
How does juliet act like romeo When romeo finds out he is banished He thinks about killing himselfWhen juleit finds out she must marry she thinks about killing herself
New plan Go homeconsent to marry paris (happily so no one expects anything)Sleep alone NO NURSEDrink vile at nightParis will comes to find you, he will think you are deadYou will be put into the Capulet’s death vaultI will send Romeo word of our planWe will be with you when you wake, You guys go to Mantua
What does the vile do Appear dead for 42hrsNo pulse, warmth, breathPale lips, pale skin, stiff skin
What is juliet soliloquy theme in Act IV scene III To drink or not to drink
What are some thoughts juliet has on the vile What if it doesn’t work? What if I have to get married tomorrow?Dagger will be next to herWhat if its poison because friar married usWhat if I wake up in the tomb before Romeo gets there? Will I suffocate in the vault? I will be surrounded by the decomposing bodies of my ancestors-Tybaltthe terrible smells and spirits’ howls will drive me crazy
What is the discovery Juliet’s “death”
Order in which capulet houshold found juliet NurseLadyLordParisFriar
What does friar instruct the capulets to do Have a funeral and burry her in the volt
2 times dramatic irony is used Paris ask friar to get married and friar says “i like it not” (2 meaning) because He generally doesn’t like this idea and also He doesn’t like it because juliet is married. He knows she is married because He married her to romeoThe reason capulet forced her to marry quickly is because they thought because juliet is so sad, having her marry paris (perfect man…) will cheer her up. But as the reader we know this only makes her more upset because she doesn’t want to marry him because she loves romeo
Another time dramatic irony is used Paris says “oh are you here with friar to confess”Juliet says” i should confess to you” Paris “don deny that you love me”But juliet 2nd meaning is I should confess my love for romeo not youjuliet “i will confess to you that i love him”Paris thinks juliet is confessing that she loves friar? Says “i know you love me”He is clueless as to what juliet’s sencond meanins are”It may be so, for it is not my own” means i belong to someone else

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