romeo and juliet- act III

What does Mercutio say about Benvolio’s character? Why is this funny? He’s the peace maker and everyone knows that what Mercutio says isn’t true
What do Mercutio’s answers to Tybalt show of his character? That he is the jokester with a temper and he picks fights.
Why doesn’t Romeo rise to Tybalt’s bait? Why does he try to stop any fight? He’s related to him now that he is married to Juliet, he is kin.
How does Romeo try and stop the fight? He tries talk them out of it and get in between them.
What is the result of Romeo’s interference? Mercutio gets stabbed by Tybalt.
Why does Romeo scold himself in lines 92-98? Being married to Juliet made him weak.
What reason does Benvolio give to convince Romeo to run away? The Prince is coming and if Romeo gets captured he will be sentenced to death.
Is Benvolio’s description of the fight entirely accurate? Explain No, Mercutio was his friend and leaved out the part about Mercutio forcing the fight.
What is Lady Capulet’s immediate reaction to Benvolio’s testimony? What does she say really happened? Because he is a friend of the Montague’s he lied
Explain the meaning of the line: “His fault concludes but what the law should end./The life of Tybalt.” Montague is saying since tybalt killed Mercutio tybalt was going to die anyways so Romeo was just doing the job early
How does the Prince’s punishment differ from Act I? Romeo gets exiled from Verona, and if he returns he will be killed

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