Romeo and Juliet Act III

Explain these hot days is the mad blood rising They are about to fight
Do Benvolio and Mercutio like to fight? Yes but they don’t fight to the death
Onece Tybalt confronts the duo, how does Benvolio tried to dissuade him? He tells them to move the fight away from the prince and the public.
Does Romeo want to find Tybalt? No because Romeo just marry Juliet
Who continues the argument? Mercutio
What happens to Mercutio? He is killed by Tybalt
Explain the pun ask for me tomorrow and you shall find me a grave man Grave mean serious and it also means buried
What are mercutio’s last words? A plague on both your houses
Because he does not come down, what does Romeo do next? He goes after tybalt
Who tries to explain the actions that just took place? Why is he not believe? Benvolio, he is a Montague
What penalty does the prince give Romeo? He is banned from the city
What news does the nurse tell Juliet, and how is it mistaken? The nurse tells her Tybalt is dead, the mistake was that Juliet thought Romeo was dead
What is Juliet’s first response? How did she change? At first Julien is mad, but once the nurse starts talking bad about Romeo she backed him up
What does Juliet threatened to do? She threatens to kill herself
What gift does she send by the nurse to Romeo? The ring
Who tells Romeo of the prince’s sentence? The friar
How does Romeo respond? Banishment is worse than death
What does Romeo time to do like to seeing the nurse? Tries to kill himself
Three reasons about living does friar Lawrence gift to romeo? 1. He should be happy to. 2. Tybalt could’ve killed you but you killed him. 3. You’ve only been banished not sentenced to death
What plans does friar Lawrence make for Romeo and Juliet? •Go spend the night with Juliet•Leave before the guards come•Go to Mantua•I’ll try to smooth everything out•Stay in Mantua
Who has come to see Lord Capulet, and what does the conversation concern? Paris
What plans do Paris and Lord Capulet make that concern Juliet? Juliets and Paris’s wedding
What lines indicate to the audience of the night has passed? It was lark, the herald of the moon, no nightmare
How does Juliet foreshadows the upcoming tragedy of Romeo’s death? Oh god,
Why do the Capulet’s think Juliet is crying? Because tybalts death
Who tells Juliet of Lord Capulet’s plans? Lady capulet
What is Juliet’s response? She will not marry paris
What does Lady Capulet threaten to do to Romeo? To poison him
How does Lord Capulet react to Juliet’s refusal to marry Paris? Disowns her
Does the nurse advised Julia to do? How does this change the relationship? To go ahead and marry Paris, she no longer confided in him
What are Juliet’s plans? She’s going to the friar to see if he can help if he can’t, she will kill herself
How has Juliet change since the time the audience first met her? She is no longer obedient

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