Romeo and Juliet act III

Scorns his only child and vows to disown her Lord capulet
Wishes to marry a woman he has not wooed Paris
Is angered by Romeo’s refusal to fight tybalt Mercutio
Recounts the events of the killings to the prince Benvolio
Reminds Romeo what he has to be happy for Friar Lawrence
Banishes Romeo from Verona for killing Tybalt Prince
Kills Mercutio in a duel Tybalt
Wants the prince to sentence Romeo to death Lady capulet
Advises Juliet to marry Paris and forget Romeo The nurse
Feels conflicted after tybalt’s death and Romeos banishment Juliet
why is Benvolio worried that he and Mercutio will not be able to scape a brawl? The Capulet are beginning to surround them and people are angry and hot blooded
Is Mercutio’s description of Benvolio’s personality accurate? Explain We know benvolio as a peacemaker but Mercutio presents a different side of him
When Tybalt enters, who is the first to mention the possibility of a fight? Mercutio
How does Romeo act when he and Tybalt meet? Why? He tries to calm Tybalt down and tell him that he has a reason not to fight.
Why does Romeo’s behavior anger Mercutio? He says his behavior is dishonorable
How is Mercutio wounded? Romeo tries to break up the fight and Tybalt stabs him under Romeos arm
Give an example of a pun mercutio uses, even as he is dying. Ask for me tomorrow and you’ll find me a grave man
What does Michael show mean when he says, “a plague a’ both your houses!” He curses both families
What does Romeo mean when he says “oh, I am fortunes fool!” He realizes his fate and understands what will happen to him
Why does Romeo feel he must fight Tybalt? What happens as a result? To avenge Mercutio’s death; he kills him
Benvolio’s monologue reviews the events leading up to the two deaths. Is it accurate? Yes, just a little more detailed
Why does lady Capulet demand Romeo’s head? He killed tybalt
How does Montague defend Romeos actions? He’s following his rights by the law
What is the princes decision about Romeo? He banished him from Verona
When the nurse first brings the news to Juliet in scene two who does she think is dead? Romeo
When Juliet finds out that Romeo killed Tybalt, what is her first reaction? She is shocked that he could commit such an act
What is the nurses opinion of men in general? She does not trust any, calls them liars and dishonest
How does Juliet justify Romeo killing Tybalt? If he didn’t kill Tybalt, he would’ve killed him
What does Juliet consider worse, Tybalt’s death or Romeos banishment? Romeos banishment
How does the nurse plan to comfort Juliet? By finding Romeo and bringing him to her
What symbol of her love Juliet send Romeo? Her ring
Where is Romeo hiding? Friar Lawrence’s cell
Why do you think Romeo would rather be put to death then be banished from Verona? Juliet can live a life without him because of banishment. He doesn’t think he can truly live outside of verona
What seems to be the most upsetting part of being banished to Romeo He can’t see Juliet
What does the friar me when he says, “be patient, for the world is broad and wide” There’s a big world out there to be explored
How does Romeo justify refusing the Friars advice and comfort? He doesn’t believe the friar truly understand his feelings
What does Romeo do that could put the Friars life in danger He hides in his cell while a death sentence awaits him
What does Romeo fear Juliet is feeling? Hatred towards him for killing Tybalt
What does the nurse stop Romeo from doing? Crying and killing himself
Friar Lawrence because Romeo three reasons he should be happy what are they 1. He’s not going to die2. The world can be an exciting place3. Juliet is still alive
What is friars plan for Romeo To you have Romeo live in Mantua and send good news to him through a servant
Why do Romeo and Juliet discuss the nightingale in the lark? To determine what time of day it is
In what ways does Juliet mislead her mother? She cries and says that she can’t wait to see Romeo dead
What would lady Capulet like to do to Romeo Poison his drink

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