Romeo and Juliet: Act II

Why does Romeo jump over the wall in Capulet’s orchard? To hide from Benvolio and Mercutio because he was trying to process the fact that he could never be with Juliet and therefore he didn’t want to deal with them.
How does Mercutio try to get Romeo out of the orchard? 1. They try to use magic to “conjure” him2. By talking dirty about Rosaline
Summarize Juliet’s famous lines on the balcony. She is basically saying that a) Romeo’s name doesn’t change who he is and b) asking Romeo to let go fo his name.
What is Romeo’s response to Juliet in those lines? He announces his presence and says that he cannot tell Juliet his name because she doesn’t like and he says that he will give up his name.
What is Juliet worried about in lines 62-65? She is worried that her family will find Romeo.
Summarize Juliet’s famous lines in 85-106. She says that a) she’s embarresedb) she is glad that he heard because they don’t have to play games now.
How does Romeo profess his love to her? What is her response? He swears his love by the moon, but she tell’s him not to because the moon is “inconstant” (i.e. it waxes and wanes), and when he asks what to swear by she says nothing, but if he has to that he should swear by himself.
What plan do Romeo and Juliet make? They decide that Juliet should send a messenger to Romeo the next day so that Romeo can get tell her the time to get married.
What do we learn about Friar Lawrence from his opening monologue? We learn that he is skilled and knows the medicinal properties of many herbs and flowers.
What mistake does Friar Laurence make about what Romeo tells him? The Friar thinks that Romeo spent the night with Rosaline.
Why does Friar agree to help Romeo? Because he thinks that it will stop the fighting between the two houses.
Summarize Benvolio and Mercutio’s conversation at the beginning of scene four. They discuss the letter from Tybalt expressing his intentions to duel Romeo.
How does the group of boys treat the nurse upon her arrival? They treat her very badly by making fun of her weight, looks, and education level.
What does the nurse warn Romeo about? What does Romeo tell the nurse? The nurse warns Romeo about Paris and not to break her heart.
How does Romeo say things are different with Juliet? Juliet loves Romeo back but Rosaline did not.
Whyis Juliet so annoyed with the nurse at the opening of scene 5? How does the nurse act when she finally arrives? Because the nurse avoids telling Juliet about what Romeo said.
Read Romeo’s beginning lines in Scene 6. Why are they significant? They foreshadow his death.
What fears does the Friar have for the lovers? He thinks that they are going too fast.

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