Romeo and Juliet Act II

What is the purpose of this brief scene? To summarize of what’s about to happen.
What word is used most often, and what does this imply to the audience? Love and it implies that Romeo loves her and vice-versa.
Do Romeo’s friends know that he has fallen in love with Juliet? How do you know? Yes, because Romeo ignores Benvolio and Mercutio.
How does Mercutio attempt to convince Romeo to come back? Why does he use this tactic? He sounds like Rosaline, he uses this tactic because it makes Romeo feel guilty.
Why doesn’t Romeo immediately speak to Juliet? He wants to listen to what she has to say about him.
According to Romeo, why is the moon “sick and pale with grief”? It’s sick and pale with grief because the sun is more pretty.
How do Romeo and Juliet feel about their respective names? They feel that their names shouldn’t get in the way and they should ignore it.
Why is Romeo unafraid to tell Juliet how he feels? He is unafraid because he has been listening to her.
Cite lines that show Juliet is less impulsive than Romeo. Lines 124-127
Why does Romeo use the sun, moon, and stars to describe Juliet? To talk about how bright she is.
Why doesn’t Juliet want Romeo to swear by the moon? It changes and she wants him to swear on something permanent.
Who brings up the idea of marriage? Juliet.
According to Romeo’s last words in this scene, where do you think the next scene will take place? At Friar’s cell.
Cite the lines that show how Friar Lawrence regards plants. Lines 15-22.
Why does Friar Lawrence think Romeo has “sinned”? Because Romeo has been out all night.
Examine the lines: “Young men’s love then lies/Not truly in their hearts but in their eyes” (II.iii.71-72). It basically says that Romeo only fell in love with Juliet for her looks.
Why does Friar Lawrence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? Cite the lines that tell you. He agrees because he wants to end the feud between the Montagues and the Capulet’s. Lines 97-100
What advice does the Friar give to Romeo at the end of the scene? Does Romeo seem likely to take his friend’s advice? Friar tells Romeo to take it slow. No.
How do you know Tybalt is still angry? Because Tybalt sent a letter to Romeo requesting a duel.
Romeo does not tell his friends about Juliet. What does his silence reveal about him? It reveals that he is scared to tell them.
This scene is filled with innuendo. How does Romeo’s involvement in the word play change your opinion of him? It makes me think that he is crass.
Mercutio talks of the “real” Romeo. Who is the real Romeo according to his friends? To Juliet? Which Romeo do you believe is “real”? He’s like a player to them. He’s like her true love. He is romantic but crass and melodramatic.
Why does Shakespeare introduce this humorous scene with Nurse? To show that the boys were being rude (MAYBE even sexist)
What instructions does Romeo give Nurse? To tell Juliet to come to Friar’s cell, stay behind that abbey wall, and to bring cords (to climb on).
Can Nurse be trusted not to tell Juliet’s parents? Do you think she should tell them? No, because she is a blabbermouth. No.
How does Nurse describe Romeo? Is this endearing or disapproving? She says that he is handsome but rude.This is disapproving.
Why doesn’t the nurse go with Juliet to Friar Lawrence’s cell? To distract and get ladder.
What important event happens in this scene? Romeo and Juliet get married.
Should Friar Lawrence heed his own advice? What do his words imply but his actions prove? Yes because he’s marrying them but he tells them to take it slow.
How would you describe Romeo and Juliet’s love after reading this scene? There love is superficial because they are taking it to fast and they won’t let anybody know.
Why are there no witnesses to their wedding? They don’t want anybody to know because of the feud.
Is Friar Lawrence moved by their love or is he acting on personal/social motives? He is acting on personal motives because he wants to keep Romeo happy.

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